Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook Trade

I found these Doc Martens on Facebook for $30

I have been looking for a pair of boots for some time and these were a size 9. I wear a size 10. I had read Doc Marten's sometimes runs big. I contacted the seller but unfortunately someone else was trying them last weekend. I was bummed.

I was selling these Little People Play Sets for $15 each

The seller of the boots wanted to purchase them. She had contacted me and told me the boots were now available because they were too big for the other girl and she was interested in the play sets.

We traded today plus she also bought this farm set for $20

I'm really not sure who got the better deal. I know I could have possibly gotten more listing on Ebay but it seems Ebay is flooded with Little People and it may have sat for awhile. I did sell my last play set this morning there for $25 minus shipping.

1 comment:

  1. Did the boots fit? They are all kinds of awesome.You totally got the better deal-she'll be picking up Little People repeatedly while you're wearing kick-ass boots.LOL