Saturday, December 20, 2014

Look What I found

I went to the thrift store on Friday and saw him sitting on the top shelf of the antiques section. I meant to buy him but forgot about it until I got home. Luckily, he was still there this afternoon.

1981 Paddington Bear. This is not your mass produced bear (Eden) but one handmade in England by Gabrielle Designs. He stands a proud 14 inches tall and comes with his original P.B. Wellies which are usually lost. In his pocket, he has a red and white checkered drawstring bag. I'm not sure if this is original to him as I have not seen other bears with this bag. He is missing his blue swing tag but he still has his luggage tag: Darkest Peru to London, England. His fur is a nice soft mohair. He is an expensive little bear. A few have sold for over $100 and one sold recently for $281.45 from the United Kingdom. I'm hoping with the new Paddington Bear movie coming out, someone will want this for their collection.

I have also been looking for a vintage tree skirt. I found this cute one for $1.99 but only paid $.50c because Christmas was 75% off. Some of the felt designs needed to be hot glued back on and luckily I have a hot glue gun.

check out Paddington here

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finals Dec 13 - Dec 19 2014

This week was slow on Ebay. I sold 7 things. I had one sale on Bonanza.


Learn to Dress Spongebob $4.99 plus shipping


HP ink Both sets went to one buyer $15.88 each with free shipping

Vintage Bluebird music box $24.88 plus shipping


Baby Sea Pony Surf Rider $24.80 free shipping


Carter's Musical bunny $24.00 free shipping

Kenner play sets $15 plus shipping


Johnson & Johnson barber pole rattle $24.94 plus shipping

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Decorating Thrift Style

Almost all my Christmas decorations have come from Goodwill or secondhand stores. A few things I bought off Ebay. I found a really nice honey hole last week in all places down town. I wish I would have brought my camera. There was so much stuff but I only got this animated Santa.

I had to move my other decorations to the bookshelf to make room for the Santa above.

My aluminum Christmas tree with not one, but two color wheels. Yes, it's ok to be jealous. I'm still hoping to find a pom pom tree or even a pink one.


I thought this was a tree skirt when I bought it but it is a round table cloth.

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know I got my green tree at a consignment shop. I love the little fireplace. When we moved 2 years ago, one of the bulbs got broken for the fire. We have not replaced it yet.

It does have lights but every time I tried to take a photo with them on, it ended up blurry. Here is the angel topper.

I also found a few things to resell on Ebay. It maybe a little too late but I'm hoping there are still some people buying Christmas decorations. I know I buy all year long.

some vintage blow molds

This one is Tiny Tim. His cane tip is broken off.

This snowman blow mold is double sided. There is only one other like it listed on Ebay and that buyer is asking over $100 for theirs. I wasn't sure what to price mine at so I added Best Offer.

mini nutcrackers

unbreakable ornaments

Hallmark peek thru ornament. I thought about keeping this but most have been selling for over $15

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Finals Dec 5 - Dec 12 2014

I sold 21 items this week. Three have not paid.


Kenner Tree Tots Barky $8.95 free shipping

Ty Babs Beanie Boo $10 free shipping

Wile E Coyote $13.99 free shipping

House of Llyod My teddy $18.00 free shipping

Chronicles Of Narnia book set $30 plus shipping

FurReal friends newborn dalmation $28.00 free shipping

West Bend Grease canister $10 plus shipping


a.n.a. leg warmers $10.99 free shipping
vintage red bandana $10.99 free shipping
Just Born crib blanket $20.99 free shipping
Mirro cookie press cutter $19.99 plus shipping
Telefora cowboy mug $19.99 plus shipping
Little Golden Book Song of the south 20th printing $20.49 free shipping

Vintage crib blanket $29.99 free shipping

My buddy doll $39.99 plus shipping

T.C. Timber nativity set $49.99

Fitz and Floyd photo frame $14.99 plus shipping


Victor tackle box $13.99
1981 Hasbro lite bright with refill packs $41.99 plus shipping

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some Christmas Finds

There hasn't been much at the thrift store lately that I have been interested in. In fact, I have not listed anything new on Ebay because I can't find anything decent to sell. I did find a few Christmas decorations for myself.

PEACE stocking holders. This was $5.99 for the whole set. The had JOY which was in better condition but they wanted $2.99 for each letter. Not sure why they priced them that way when peace was one set price.

I'm not sure if this is a gnome or a Santa Claus. It was in with the Christmas decorations. It was more than I normally spend ($5 and that was half off) but he was too cute to pass up. The bottom says Made in Sweden. Maybe that is why it was priced high?

This tiny camel did not have a string for a hook, so I used the price tag string. He was only .80c

I originally bought this star topper for my tree but the cone was too small. I sold it on FB for $3

I ended up going back to the thrift store and getting this angel topper from the 80's for $1.50

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do Not Hesitate

Anyone who buys second hand knows if you see something you want, get it right away because it may not be there when you come back for it. The same is true buying on Facebook garage sale pages. I'm still kicking myself over this.

The post was up for 7 hours when I first saw it. No one commented and at $100, I was really thinking no one would. I turned on the notifications and bookmarked it to come back later. Big mistake. 10 minutes after, there was a question asked. On this page, asking a question gives you first dibs. I had to act fast. I commented I was interested if the lady above passed. I sent the seller a message letting her know I had cash on hand and could get it anytime. She said she would let me know as the first lady hadn't message her yet.

I was feeling hopeful. There was no response when the seller asked if the first person was still interested after giving her the answer to her question. I'm not sure on this page how long an interested person has to respond but I think it is at least 12 hours. Right at the 12 hour mark, the lady responded she wanted it. I was so disappointed. If only I had commented first instead of bookmarking it, this would be mine.

Yes. This beautiful tree and the color wheel could have been sitting in my living room this afternoon if  I had not hesitated. I bet I will never find a bargain like this again. I hope the buyer enjoys it as much as I would have.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Finals Nov 29 - Dec 5 2014

I sold 35 items this week. 3 have not paid. One is returning the item.This is the most I have sold in a long time. Unfortunately, a lot of them were auctions that ended at a low price but at least I got rid of the shelf sitters and can buy new inventory. (plus I was able to buy a Thirty-One utility tote I really wanted)

19 AUCTIONS (2 non payers)

$1.99 plus shipping

Vintage floral compact
Moshi Monster Zommer
Ertl farmer with animals
Barney dinosaur puppet
Nestle toll house cookie sheet
Munchkin safety bath duck

$3.99 plus shipping

Mickey mouse coffee cup

$4.05 plus shipping

Vintage Knickerbocker Betsey Clark doll 6"

$4.99 plus shipping

Stewey doll 8"

2" vintage Mickey Mouse figures sold to one of those flight places that ship the item overseas

Little Tikes doll house island

Little Tikes doll house table and chairs

Munchkin Safety duck

$5.21 plus shipping

Little Tikes doll house picnic table

$5.74 plus shipping

Maglite mounting clip

$6.51 plus shipping

Blueberry pie plate

$7.99 plus shipping

Darth Vader 7" plush


Clairol makeup mirror $38.00 plus shipping

7.5" Cast Iron key $15 free shipping

Pop Rocket Scrappy $15 free shipping

Littlest pet shop dachshund $17 free shipping
Swann security camera set of 2 $25 plus shipping
Barney dinosaur 15" $17.50 free shipping


Highlights magazine lot $27.99 plus shipping
Teacup Piglet 1 pig plus hats $12.99 free shipping
Vintage Thermal Serv salad storage $29.99 plus shipping
Vintage Lambchop puppet $16.99 free shipping
Powerpuff Girls 2" figures $14.99 free shipping
Ronald McDonald doll $17.99 plus shipping

Vintage Count Puppet $34.99 plus shipping

Zhu Zhu pets baby with clothes $21.99 free shipping

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