Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Finals a day late Sept 20 - Sept 26 2014

I had 23 sales this week. 13 went to one buyer. I tried some penny auctions to get some traffic to my store and failed miserably. I do not recommend trying this.


13 vintage train time tables sold to one buyer for .42c
2 vintage train time tables sold to one buyer for .16c
Nashville Chattanooga train time table $1.25
Rio Grande train time table .15c
Static Suede jacket with damage $19.99


Aerobic Stepper Best Offer $30

Baby Connection blanket $19.99 free shipping

McDonalds erasers $9.49 Free shipping

Vintage Sears thermos set Best Offer $24.99

Replacement microphone for the Fisher Price Sing a long stage On Sale: $13.49 free shipping

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Finals Sept 13 - Sept 19 2014

I had 8 sales this week. One hasn't paid. I really wish sales would pick up. I have a couple more days for my penny auctions. One is up to $1.25 and another .15c They are old railroad train tables and I don't expect to get too much for them. The other 15 are still at the opening bid of a penny.


Cub Scout bolo tie $14.99

Cabbage Patch Kids key ring $6.49 This is so small, it took me 30 minutes to find. I was about to give up but I looked in a bag of erasers and there it was. Who knew? I really need a better storing solution.

Vintage Kamar cat $4.99


Vintage Carpet purse small Best Offer $20

I messed up on this next listing. I originally was selling these plush separate but wasn't getting any views so I put them together as a lot. I changed the shipping but forgot to raise the listing price. I also accidentally put them on sale. Lot of 2 Mr Men plush $4.35

2 sold for a Best Offer of $32 ($16 each) with free shipping

Where's Waldo doll Best Offer of $16

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hot Dog

I don't know a lot about skateboards so when I saw this one at the thrift store, I didn't immediately purchase it. I went home and looked it up on Ebay. One in mint condition sold for $135.06 at auction. Of course, I went back to get it. This one is in bad shape but I'm hoping someone will still buy it.

It is a longboard by Sears Roebuck and Co. I believe it is from the 60's. At one time, it said Hot Dog on it. It is wood with clay wheels. I'm pretty sure one of my cousins taught me how to skateboard on one of these in the late 70's early 80's. (yes, I'm well aware I revealed my age)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Treasure Sale Finds

One of our local churches had their annual treasure sale yesterday and today. I went yesterday with my sister. I ended up ruining my new pair of Nikes because I didn't think about the rain we got beforehand and the field it was held in was covered in mud.

It was hard to look at stuff with a 4 year old and my older child. They tend to wander. Ryker isn't too bad because he stayed by me but Robert is hearing impaired and quite fast. If you lose sight of him, it's not like you can call his name and he will come back to you. Anyways, I managed to miss a vintage Fisher Price circus train with animals and people. My sister spotted it and said "Don't you want this?" Of course I did. I have been collecting the play sets for Ryker even though some can sell for good money on Ebay. When he no longer has interest in them, I will probably sell them.

Here are some things I bought.

When I was paying for the penguin, some small boy came up to the table and said "I want the penguin" His dad said "No. Let's look for something else." To which the boy said again "I want the penguin." I was about to give it to him but the dad had already dragged him away.

I didn't get to really look at housewares because it was cold and I was afraid my boys would break something and I was ready to go. I don't do well with big crowds and I was done by then. We did go to 3 garage sales nearby but I only found one thing. I have never seen this toy before but some sellers are trying to get over $100 for their NIB one. It's called Baby Moppets Secret Nursery. The play set is hidden by the cloth for the bassinet. The seller showed me how it went together. She said she is 36 and it was hers from her childhood.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday Finals A Day Late Sept 6 - Sept 12

I had 10 sales this week. Unless stated, the buyer paid for shipping.


Roger Rabbit window cling $2.99

LPS Flamingo $2.99


Boy Girl Thimbles $15
Jansport Book bag $10
Vintage Sesame Street Cookie Monster plush $15


Lenmark ink $12.99 free shipping
Baby Einstein play mat $14.99

Barney Blanket $25.35 free shipping

Small Scentsy buddy Scratch the Cat $14.99

Get A Long Gang Dottie $9.99

I'm running penny auctions this week so check it out.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Finals August 30 - Sept 5 2014

I sold 17 items this week. Two have not paid yet.


Cherry Merry Muffin Doll $5

Vintage Bible Promises $6.27

Air Force coffee mug $4.99
Plush creations elephant $1.99
Fieval Plush $1.99
Vintage leg warmers $5


Vintage Little Golden Book Best Offer of $24

1975 old Maid card game $29.99 with free shipping

Vintage eye glass case Best Offer $15 with free shipping

Blues Clues Refrigerator $9.99

Michael Jordan lithograph $5

Baby Bearington kitty cat security blanket On Sale $20.74 plus free shipping
Vintage handmade baby blanket $9.99
10" Barney Dinosaur plush $5
Carter's duck baby blanket $19.99 plus free shipping

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Half Off Sale

The thrift store by my house is having a half off sale until Saturday. It rained most of the day but I managed to go for a hour while the rain stopped. I didn't find too much though.

Some stuffed animals

Ice Age 2 blanket

and a Curious George frame

A few days before I found another Henry dog. This is the 3rd one I found at that particular store.

a scentsy cat

and at another store I found a vintage child's suitcase. I think these are so cute. I would keep it for my son but he doesn't go on sleepovers.