Saturday, March 28, 2015

Big Red Chair

I bought myself an early birthday present yesterday. I almost didn't get it and I walked away twice. On the third look, someone was sitting in it! I asked the girl if she was purchasing it and she said no. She got up and I took the tag and went to the counter to buy it.

Yes, it is red. No, it does not match anything in my house. Yes, my kids will ruin it. No, they are not allowed to sit in it. Yes, they will still ruin it but at least I got something I like.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Finals March 21 - March 27 2015

I sold 2 items on Facebook and 14 items on Ebay. (8 of those items were in the last 24 hours which I have never had happen before.)

FB: alarm clock $5 Step stool $3



Playtex 46DDD bra $9.99 plus shipping
Tupperware Snowflake Red mugs with lids $9.99 plus shipping
Barney Dinosaur book about sharing .99c plus shipping


Ertl radio $18 plus shipping


Playco crib blanket $29.98 free shipping

Carter's first Bear $17.98 free shipping

Giraffe puzzle $17.98 free shipping

Victoria's Secret Pink dog $12.98 plus shipping to Switzerland


Wells Fargo Horse Mollie $17 free shipping
Aeropostale Bear with hoodie $17 free shipping
Galerie Bunny $14 free shipping
Cinderellas Friends Little Golden Book $10 free shipping

Globe bookends (not vintage or made in Italy) $17 plus shipping

Mini Weather house $15 free shipping

check out my Ebay store here


Sometimes you have to buy something simply because it makes you smile... and you can always use notebook paper, right?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What $5 Bought

The other day I took my boys over to the thrift store and spotted a IHOME charging dock on the shelf. I was quite surprised to see it had the remote and the power cord. I was more surprised to see the price: $4.99.

I took it off the shelf and tried to see if the radio worked. I started pressing buttons and turning up the volume and nothing was happening. I looked up and noticed an old man at the end of the aisle watching me. I wasn't sure if he was going to swoop in and take the dock if I decided to put it back or if he was wondering what I was doing. I was about to put it back on the shelf but decided instead to plug it in to see if it worked that way. (It must have a back up battery for the clock because that part was working) Sure enough as soon as I plugged it in, the radio worked. I put it into my shopping cart.

My lovely boys have broken all my Ipods so I'm not sure if that part works. The alarm clock works well as I used it the other day. And the best part is: I will get my money back tomorrow because I'm selling my old alarm clock on Facebook.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Finals March 14 - March 20 2015

I sold two items on FB this week and 10 items on Ebay.

FB: toothbrush holder $10, 15 children's books $25



This was an auction with a Buy It Now price and it sold at the BIN for $12.99 with shipping
Bart Simpson Wilton Cake pan


Mickey Mouse at the carnival flat sheet: $15 free shipping


Bunnies By The Bay security blanket $19.99 free shipping

Tyco Kitty Kitty Kittens $29.99 free shipping

Carter's Elephant security blanket 19.97 free shipping

Animal Adventure lamb $17.99 free shipping

Leapfrog magnet lowercase d .99c plus shipping
Leapfrog magnet lowercase i .99c plus shipping
Toddle Tots fireman $1.99 plus shipping
Starwars C3PO cake pan $29.99 free shipping

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Big Red Dot

I got my second negative today. My last one was 3 years ago so I have been pretty lucky. It was for this brand new pair of  LUK EES slippers.

These were purchased almost a month ago. Instead of messaging me and asking what I could do for her, she left a big fat negative with this comment: "had them for a week and the back on both slippers riped out... sew them up riped." First of all, it's ripped. I really wish people would learn to spell.

Does this buyer think I have a sweat shop in my basement that I'm making these slippers in? How is it my fault her big fat feet ripped them out? Was she wearing them outside? They are clearly for inside use only.

I called Ebay and the first rep I talked to said the feedback was in a gray area because how was I to know they would rip out in a week? They arrived in new condition and on time. He transferred me to another department where I was told to work it out with the buyer.

Had she messaged me before leaving a negative feedback, I would have refunded her money. But waiting almost a month to complain through feedback, yeah I'm not working with you.

Ebay should make it mandatory that you communicate with the seller before being able to leave a negative. It isn't fair to have to work out the problem once the damage to your account has already been made. I replied to the feedback and that is all I'm going to do for this buyer. Hopefully, my response will encourage future buyers to communicate with me first as I'm a honest seller and am willing to help if I can.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A New Table

Like I really needed a new table but I couldn't pass this one up. I found it yesterday along with an hanging office wall organizer. It took me 45 minutes to get that on the wall only to discover it is crooked. A handy man I am not.

I also found this cute little clown to resell. I thought it was one that someone in Plush Memories was looking for but sadly I was wrong. Its in my Ebay store here