Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Girl In My Life

Ever have seller's remorse? I was missing my Mandy. Although she was impractical to use, she was a good display. I started looking at mannequins on Ebay and came across this listing: LOT 1 FEMALE WOMEN NUDE FLESH MANNEQUINS BODY FORM HOLLOW HANGING Bonus: Panties Ok so who can resist free panties? Kind of an odd bonus. I sent the seller a best offer. She counter offered $2 higher. I accepted, paid and today I got her.

and yes, true to the listing she came with bonus panties. She also came with some damaged clothes.

I am going to try to sell the damaged clothing on my Facebook page. The black shirt and brown capris in the front have one small hole. The pants in back need to be thrown out, they are ripped. I got the stain out of the sweat shirt but the white t-shirt is still stained. 

I listed the thongs on Ebay but feel creepy about it. I don't know why. They are new but the tag is torn. Some of the care tags on them are written in some weird language and none of them have a brand. I wish they were all one size to make them easier to sell.


  1. Nice! She really pops in the photo (no pun intended). What's her name?

  2. Great manni but very weird bonus items. Personally I would just donate everything but new Mandi. The tax write off is probably worth more than the time to sell damaged or questionable goods. JMO.

  3. New Mandi is great but is selling damaged or questionable goods really worth your time? I always worry about selling items that are flawed. Weird bonus items but great manni. Love love your blog.