Sunday, October 28, 2012

Curbside Find

Isn't he awesome? He is about 22" tall. I'm keeping him for myself. He is in perfect condition. I can't believe someone left him on the curb with their garbage. Seriously, take him to the thrift store and keep him out of the landfill. Some thrifts will even pick up.

I walked about 18 blocks to rescue him after my friend Facebook messaged me saying there was an owl on the curb I might want. You bet I want!! I'm so glad he was still there waiting for me. He's now in my living room keeping my other owl company.

This one is a lamp. My hubby got him at a hoarder's sale for only a buck. He has some cracks that were repaired. He is also about 22" tall Another friend was at this sale and sent me a picture of it on Facebook, The tag said $10 I told my hubby about the sale but never mentioned the owl. I was quite surprised when he came home with it and even more surprised when he said he only paid $1 for it because of the repairs. I taught him well :-)


  1. Wow, I love curbside finds! I also love owls.

  2. Amazing! They look like the exact same mold! Are they marked on the bottom?

  3. Love both your owls - you were meant to have them!

  4. Hey I have that same lamp! But mine is brown....I had him listed on ebay but took him off after a week because I liked him too much to sell LOL