Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Collection Another Addiction

A few weeks back, I blogged about starting a thimble collection. Now that I have the thimbles, I needed a display case. The case I got with the first collection from the thrift store was slowly filling up.  I had to decide how I wanted to display the thimbles. Another blogger, Rae from Say It Ain't So, wrote about her house shaped shelves and I knew I had to own one. Who knew how difficult it would be to find any in the thrift stores or Goodwill. As much as I hated too, I resorted to Ebay.

This is my favorite house. It reminds me of a haunted house. It even came with a few thimbles. Unfortunately, 3 of them arrived broken but I will post about that another day. It is hanging in my office which is actually part of the living room. There used to be French doors separating the two rooms but someone removed them. I would love to have doors installed.

The next two houses are on two different shelves in my kitchen.

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