Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Selling On Bonanza

Today, I made my 25th sale on Bonanza. Wait. What? You've never heard on Bonanza? Bonanza is an online selling site much like Ebay. But there are no auctions, only Buy It Now. Plus there are no listing fees on Bonanza. You pay only when your item sells. The final selling fees are also cheaper than Ebay. The only downside, most people have never heard of Bonanza. Those 25 sales I had, those are over the course of 3 years. Yes, 3 years.(I did quit selling for about 8 months because traffic was so slow but I started up again maybe 2 weeks ago?) I know some sellers do better over there but I have yet to get my booth out there in internet land. 

Setting up a booth is quite easy. In fact, if you are already selling on Ebay, Bonanza will import all your listings over to their site for free. You just have to really pay attention when you are cross selling, so you do not sell the same thing on both sites. Once the listings are imported, you can make changes or choose what items you want to sell on Bonanza. 

Another downside is once you sell your item, you have to go to another site to print your label. There isn't an option to print from Bonanza like you can on Ebay. You can choose to print on Paypal but as I found out tonight, the regional boxes are not a choice there. (or at least I could not find it) I ended up over on the USPS website to print from there.

You can also import your feedback numbers from Ebay onto Bonanza. I don't think feedback has much as an impact on Bonanza as it does on Ebay. In fact, most people don't leave feedback. Of those 25, I think only 4 left feedback. 

So are you ready to make the plunge and start selling on Bonanza? You can find the site here.

While you are there, check out my booth.


  1. This is tempting. If there isnt a DSR system I may head over there.

  2. Thanks for the awesome explanation! I will have to try that.

  3. Thanks for explaining the ins and outs. I've been thinking of branching out to etsy after the holiday season when things slow down a bit. I might add Bonanza to that as well.