Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Thrifty Sales of 2013

My top 10 favorite finds I sold this year. It was hard to choose 10 because I have sold quite a bit and some items may have sold higher than these. I really liked these items and probably would have kept them if I wasn't selling on Ebay.

I believe I found this typewriter at Goodwill. I love vintage typewriters and thought the blue was unique but I'm pretty sure we had this exact typewriter in high school. I sold this for $79.99 It was a challenge to ship.

I bought this Pokemon bedding set from my Facebook garage sale group. I sold it for $79.99 to a student who said it arrived in time for her to pack for her dorm.

I found two of these travel bar sets and sold both to the same buyer. One I found at Goodwill and the second at a thrift store. My sister found one at a garage sale and thought something was missing (it wasn't. It was the spot was for the bottle of alcohol) so she did not say anything to me. I sold this one for $65

This canister set was purchased from the thrift store by my house. Unfortunately, the biggest container arrived at the buyer's house broken in several pieces. Sold for $60

These monkey slippers were bought by a lady for her boyfriend. When they met, he was wearing a similar pair. (I didn't ask) They sold for $45

I would have never known what this cat was if I had not seen it on one of the Ebay FB groups. It is a kitty surprise that came with 4 kittens. Found at Goodwill and sold for $50 I believe it went international.

I love this little camera purse. I bought it at a thrift store and sold it for $24.99

I won this from an auction site that has since went under. It was a local place and my hubby went to pick it up. This Mickey ornament sold for $57.00

I figured this Animal ornament would be a good seller and I was surprised to see what it was selling for. I found it at the thrift store and it sold for $64.99

and my favorite find came from Craigslist. I asked for help pricing this item on an Ebay FB page and was told I would be lucky to make $20. What he did not consider is this is the checkered plaid Burberry bear and I ended up getting $59.99 Other Burberry bears do not sell this high.

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