Sunday, September 14, 2014

Treasure Sale Finds

One of our local churches had their annual treasure sale yesterday and today. I went yesterday with my sister. I ended up ruining my new pair of Nikes because I didn't think about the rain we got beforehand and the field it was held in was covered in mud.

It was hard to look at stuff with a 4 year old and my older child. They tend to wander. Ryker isn't too bad because he stayed by me but Robert is hearing impaired and quite fast. If you lose sight of him, it's not like you can call his name and he will come back to you. Anyways, I managed to miss a vintage Fisher Price circus train with animals and people. My sister spotted it and said "Don't you want this?" Of course I did. I have been collecting the play sets for Ryker even though some can sell for good money on Ebay. When he no longer has interest in them, I will probably sell them.

Here are some things I bought.

When I was paying for the penguin, some small boy came up to the table and said "I want the penguin" His dad said "No. Let's look for something else." To which the boy said again "I want the penguin." I was about to give it to him but the dad had already dragged him away.

I didn't get to really look at housewares because it was cold and I was afraid my boys would break something and I was ready to go. I don't do well with big crowds and I was done by then. We did go to 3 garage sales nearby but I only found one thing. I have never seen this toy before but some sellers are trying to get over $100 for their NIB one. It's called Baby Moppets Secret Nursery. The play set is hidden by the cloth for the bassinet. The seller showed me how it went together. She said she is 36 and it was hers from her childhood.

All these items are available in my Ebay store.


  1. Nice finds, love the secret nursery!

  2. Do anything with little ones can be a challenge. I have a Roger Rabbit plush I need to list. How did your penny auctions go?