Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Finds

Some things I found this past week. Some are listed for sale on Ebay.

I found another item from my wish list. I have been wanting a bench with the storage cubes but this was priced right plus it is vintage. It is also in good condition.

I found a Pyrex bowl but was not familiar with the pattern. I went on FB and some people there told me it was Blue Horizon. 

The screws are rusty on the battery compartment of this tap and twirl. I'm hoping my hubby can get them out. They are good sellers on Ebay. The batteries that are in it are almost dead but I got it to play music and light up but it doesn't twirl. I hope with new batteries it will spin.

I couldn't remember what this toy was called so I asked in a FB group. Jibber Jabber by Ertl

I've sold a couple of these Orphan Annie dolls. I probably should have left her there as she is quite dirty and Im afraid to wash her.

This hippo reminded me of the Fisher Price puffalump toys. It's by Dan Dee. I know the puppy version it well seeked after and sells for good money. I hope this one does as well. I did not see any others listed.

I have sold the pink version of this Baby Boom blanket before and I still get emails asking if I have one. I hope this blue one is as popular.


  1. Nice finds! Could you put Raggy Ann in a garment bag in the washer then dryer? Bet she would come out nice.

  2. ^^ Agree! Wash her up, inside a mesh bag -- or pillow case. Good luck! P.S. LOVE the bench! Are you keeping it?