Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't Step On That!!

We went to my favorite thrift store yesterday and I walked into the back room where the toys are and happened to look down. There on the floor was an owl throw rug. I couldn't believe my luck. Unfortunately it was filthy. People had been wiping their feet on it. Why, why??? I decided to get it anyway and see if I could get it cleaned. I also got a huge box of toys but I will save that for another time.

I threw it in my washer and hoped for the best. The first wash did not get it clean. I decided to throw it back in the washer, this time using the permanent press cycle. (thinking that was the gentle cycle) Well that time the rug started to unravel. I tried to fix it but have no idea what I was doing. It did get a little cleaner but not as clean as I want. I wonder if I steam cleaned it, if that would work?

It is so cute I don't want anyone walking on it. It's pretty heavy. I have no idea how to display it so I put it into my Ebay store. Hopefully someone will love it so much that the flaws do not matter.

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  1. It is a really cute rug... I have ruined many things by trying to clean them, hope your rug sells quickly.❤

  2. What about soaking it in a bucket with water and bunch of oxyclean? Leave it overnight and see what happens. Or maybe even spray the dirty spots with Shout and let it sit overnight and then wash again on the gentle cycle.

    But then, I too have ruined things by trying to clean them. Threw a jacket in the washer & dryer only to have it totally fall apart. Yeah, tag said no dryer.

  3. Really cute! I would try the Oxyclean!