Monday, January 2, 2012

Some More Christmasy Finds

The Tuesday before Christmas, my sister took me over to the thrift store where I found this vintage ceramic tree. It was missing some bulbs and the star at the top. The light also did not sit right because the clip was broken. It was marked $8 I offered $5 and they accepted. When I got home I looked up the prices of these on Ebay and alot were selling for over $100. I wll keep mine for now.

I found the star and bulbs on Ebay for $11 Since I did not need all the bulbs, I put the rest for sale in my store. Hopefully, I get back back some of my money. Here is how it looks on top of my t.v stand.

While I was there I also found some other things.

I gave the Gnome to my hubby for Christmas (inside joke) I did remove the flowers so he could use it for change or something. I love the Santa and the owl is for sale on Ebay.


  1. Great finds. I keep finding those trees..and I thought they were good sellers, but never looked them up. I"ll keep an eye out for them this year. Great finds!

  2. Ceramic trees sell for 100 dollars! When I was growing up, I always disliked those trees. I believe I have a new found respect for them now. ♥

  3. Due to your posts, I have been on the lookout for these trees and I finally found one today, in great condition, for just $5. I will enjoy it for a little while and then sell knowing I will earn a nice return. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. ~Janis @TheMagicThatIsThrift