Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Got Her and I'm Going To Keep Her

On Valentines Day,  I wrote a blog whining about how my favorite thrift store would not sell me their vintage mannequin. You can read that post here. My sister had called the store that day and they told her it wasn't for sale. I was sad. I wanted her. I needed her. I thought about her everyday. I'm not even sure why I got so fixated on her. I don't sew. I don't sell clothes on Ebay. I don't have a flea market booth. I don't really need her. But I wanted her so bad. I'm the type of person most people can not say no to. I'm not sure why. I have some kind of aurora about me and I usually get what I want. I'm not trying to be egoistical. It just happens. So yesterday my sister wanted to go to the thrift store. I told her I was going to ask about that mannequin.

When I got there, she was being displayed in the clothing section. She was wearing a hideous sweater with a gold chain. To further her embarrassment, they had put a glass bowl on her for her head. I had to rescue her. I quickly scanned the store for the manager. I saw him in housewares rearranging some shelves. I approached him and nervously asked "Would you sell me your mannequin for $20?" I was prepared to go higher if needed. He looked at me and said "That mannequin over there?" I nodded and he continued " Hmmm that's my only mannequin. I'd hate to get rid of it." (The horror of him calling her an it) He looked at me and I must have pleaded with my eyes and he said "Yeah you can have it". (again with the it. He did not deserve her) I went to go find my sister and told her the good news.

The manager got Arlen to help me with her. He told him to take the sweater off and get it down. She was on a table. I told him he could take the bowl too. He started to take her sweater off and almost knocked her to the floor. He caught her just in time. When he removed the sweater, I noticed they had run some coat hanger through her for arms. I gently removed that crap. WTH??? I then went to pay. She would not fit in the car so I had to put her in the trunk for the ride home. She is standing in my living room. I'm not sure what I am going to do with her but I love her so much. I named her Mandy.

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  1. She is lovely! I'm sure you will come up with something to do with her. I use mine for sewing, displays, and for photographing vintage clothing. I do have one in my room just for decor, I hang my necklaces on her.

  2. I use mine for displaying clothes to list but she is really dark and I mostly keep her in the corner and change her clothes to suit the season. I'm a little behind, she still has her Thanksgiving Indian girl dress on. The dress is one my daughter wore for a play in elementary school.
    I named mine Emma because my aunt gave her to me and that was her middle name.
    Mandy is getting a good home.

  3. She is perfect! Sometimes persistence pays off! I have one I purchased for my daughter for Christmas. It is a jewelry display sold at Walmart years ago! I was selfish and kept it for myself! Love Her to death! I am a sewer, but I don't use it for that! I am not as svelte as she is!

    Glad to hear you got her and are going to keep her!

  4. She is adorable. Good for you!