Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest For Ebay?

Are you using Pinterest to promote your Ebay listings? If not, you really should. What is Pinterest you ask? I had never heard of this site until I read a blog on We Sell On Ebay. In it, Leslie describes what it is and how you can use it to promote your Ebay listings..

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images they find interesting or inspiring. Once shared, these images become "Pins" that can be placed on thematic boards that users can customize for any topic. (Yes, that can include your Ebay store.) Once something is "Pinned" it can be repinned by other users. So your item could end up on several other boards and may direct more traffic to your store.

After reading her article, I decided to check the site out. First, I needed to get invited. I asked one of my friends on Facebook to send me an invite. (If you would like me to send you one, leave your email address in the comment section or private message me) After I was in, I set up my boards. I have 6 boards: Items for Sale, Owls For Sale, Treasures in Thriftingland, Wish List, Yummy, and Cool Things.

After you set up your boards, you can pin. I've discovered there are a few ways to go about pinning. Some websites, like Bonanza, already have a Pinterest button and you would just click on that. A pop up will appear prompting you to add it to one of your boards and add a description. Easy peasy. Another way is too repin. You find something you like on a fellow members board and click the repin button. The third way requires you to add the Pinterest button to you favorites bar. If you find an item you like while surfing, click the pin button in your favorites. The last way is probably the most time consuming but since I have computer problems and my favorites do not show, I have been using this method. In the right upper corner, you will see Add+ If you click that, a menu will appear where you can add a pin, upload a pin or create a board. Click on add a pin and it will give you a space to type in the website url.

Of course you don't want to exclusively promote your items. You will want to add other boards like recipes, things to create, favorite books, etc. Warning, though, pinning can be addicting! Does it help your sales? It certainly can't hurt. In the past two weeks I have been on there, 4 of my pins have sold. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not. Of those items, two were new listings, one was on its second month and the last I had since summer. If you would like to follow me just click on the icon on the bottom of this blog.

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