Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What 5 Dollars Bought And Other Finds

A vintage table lamp. I can't seem to stop buying these. My living room is starting to look like the lighting section of Home Depot. I love the milk glass shade. I was so happy when the guy told me it was only 5 bucks, that I paid right away without checking to see if it worked. It works but there are exposed wires near the base and near the plug. Are we allowed to sell on Ebay if it has issues? My husband can rewire it but I would rather list it right away. Anyone know?

It looks like my two facebook sales are a bust this week. The one wrote to me and apologized saying she wasn't able to make it. The other one was suppose to be here an hour ago so I basically wasted my whole morning waiting for him. Honestly, just call and cancel. Don't leave me hanging.

Here are some other things I found yesterday, some at the thrift and others at the Goodwill.

Relic handbag. I might keep this. It holds my Kindle nicely. I do have it listed on my facebook group but I doubt anyone will want to pay my price. Everyone there wants garage sale prices.

Two snowy owls. I can't seem to resist owls either.

Birthday Care Bear

and some more plush I found at Goodwill.


  1. Cute bunny, with the one ear standing straight up.

  2. Oh, moose and zee should do well! I looked for ages before I found that plush for our Addy!