Saturday, September 29, 2012

Owl Finds

I walked over to The Dime and Dollar today and found this:

I almost walked by him but happened to look up and there he was on the top shelf with other cookie jars. This thrift store is known for its over priced stuff so I was surprised to see a price tag of only $10. I had to find a lady to get it down for me. and I was happy to see it was in pretty much mint condition. There is some minor paint loss under the head and bottom but no cracks or nicks. Apparently the market for owl collectibles has declined in recent months as I see these don't go as high as the use to. I may keep him for myself.

There was also a huge hoarder sale. I didn't get to go by my hubby did and came back with this:

He is almost 2 feet tall not including the lamp part. He only paid $1 for it because it was cracked and repaired. I'm not going to try to sell this on Ebay because of all it's issues and plan on having Bill remove all the lamp stuff from it.


  1. Left this on my blog too but in case you don't see it: I think it may be Shawnee.... I did a little googling after I saw it because my dad collects McCoy and that's what someone said it was... I don't know if its correct though. If you ever want to sell it lemme know what you want for it. I saw you weren't sure on listing it so :)

  2. Thanks for that link! :) I'll see if my dad wants that since its not McCoy... super cute though!