Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook Christmas Gifts

I did some of my Christmas shopping on my Facebook garage sale site. Here are a few things I picked up fairly cheap.

Cabin/fishing night light The sun glows and it's very pretty.

Fiber optics snowman The tree has green and red lights and the presents light up as well.

Bird House Welcome Sign I have to keep telling myself I do not need this. It is so cute I want to keep it for myself. (Hoarding can become a slippery slope and it's not something I want to fall down) It stands at almost 3 feet.

I didn't find these on Facebook and they are not gifts but thought I would share. I have been looking for birds like these forever. I got 2 of the red robins and 2 of the red sparrows.

I have two of these deer. I wish I could have found more. They are so precious.

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