Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The $6 Box

Last week I met with a lady selling a blow mold nutcracker for $3.

As I was there, she was buying some things for another person. I heard the seller say "I wanted $5 a piece for these, but I will sell you the whole box for $6." She was thinking about it and I said "If you don't take it, I will." I didn't even know what was in the box but it was pretty big and whatever she was selling, she had at least 3 of them. My seller said "Go for it. I don't have room in my house." So I paid the second seller $6 and went on my way. I still did not have a clue what was in the box until I got home.

I found 4 Santa tree toppers:

2 Christmas ornaments:

and a bear storage container:

I have already sold the first Santa for $29.99. Sometimes it pays to buy those mystery boxes.

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