Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I am not an auction type of seller. Most of my auctions end in only one bid and I hardly ever get a bidding war. However, Ebay had one of their special listing promotions where you could list up to 500 items at auction or fixed price for free so I decided to clearance out some of my shelf sitters. I posted 149 auctions and only 13 sold. So much for cleaning out my inventory. I was going to take whatever did not sell to the consignment shop but I found out they do not take plush.

Here is what sold and how much I gave it away for. All of these items were bought with other things and have basically been paid for so whatever I got was profit and I wasn't losing any money.

Dairy Queen Meal toy $1.99

Youngrowth Pink Teddy Bear $1.99

Webkinz King Charles $4.24 (3 bids)

Ozzy Osbourne pins $2.25 (2 bids)

Poison pin $1.99

Peter Rabbit Book  $4.79 (9 bids)

The Cow Went Over The Mountain $1.29 (2 bids)

Sally Stewardess Book $1.04 (2 bids)

8" Laugh A Lot Care Bear $3.46 (3 bids)

Laugh A Lot Care Bear Puppet $1.99

The last 3 have not paid yet.

Milwaukee Bucks Bean Bear .99

These two giraffes were won by the same person

Dakin 8" for .99

and Younkers 13" giraffe for .99


  1. Ouch! I don't have a store so pretty much everything I sell is auction style. I list my items starting at the price I'd like to get and then add a BIN price that's just a few dollars more. 9 times out of 10, the item will sell with a BIN. Coming soon though, Ebay will want the BIN price to be 30% higher than the auction starting price, so that may be a little trickier.

  2. Yikes, yeah I don't like to do auctions either. I do them occasionally, especially if I have free auction listings, or it's something I think may do good (though often it either doesn't sell via auction or has one bid). Apparently my SIL thinks I'm an idiot for not doing auctions, but I make much better money with BIN.