Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burberry Bear

A few weeks ago, I purchased a bag full of books and stuffed animals off of Craigslist. One of the animals I found was a Burberry Check Plaid teddy bear. This was a gift item that one got when buying $25 worth of perfume.

I checked out Ebay to see what they were selling for. I could only find one other listed in this pattern for $159 or Best Offer. I then checked complete listings. The highest sold at that time was $49 and this was after Christmas so I knew the time of year did not affect sales. Others sold between $25 to $32 Since I could only find the one listed on Ebay for $159, I decided I would list mine for around $75 but first I thought I would see what members of a certain FB group would price it at.

After a few minutes, one member replied I would not get more than $20 for it. He sited the fact that on Terapeak, the average selling price was $23 and that there were quite a few listed. I told him I only found one other listed in this pattern. He managed to find two other listings that were auctions and both listings did not have specific keywords such as check plaid. Those listings ended for less than $15 but I believe had they wrote check plaid in their title, they would have at least doubled their ending price.

Anyways, I decided to price it at $74.99 I had quite a few watchers but no offers. There was 5 days left to the listing and Ebay was running their free listing promotion, so I ended the listing early and re listed it at $59.99 There are a few others listed around my price range so hopefully I can get a sale. I would love to sell this for at least $50 just so I can shove it in the fb groups face, although after this pass weekend I left the group and can not do so. There is a way to give advice without being condescending and apparently this group does not know how to do it.

If anyone wants to see my listing, click here


  1. ooo i hope it goes for 50! that would be awesome!

  2. As long as you never leave ebay mommy's page. We love your advice and you add so much knowledge to the plush resell industry. ;)

    1. ebay mommy is great! The woman there are so knowledgeable and they are not at all condescending. They offer great advice and you can go off topic without getting into trouble. What upset me about the other group is the guy publically called me out on the page. Who the hell does that? If you got a problem with me, private message me. Don't say in a public forum that I wrote you an ugly message when it wasn't true.

  3. I hate crappy groups!! no matter what they are for the members should never be jerks--I leave them all the time for that exact reason--which ebay group are still on? add me??

  4. Life is to short to put up with stupid people. Love your blog. My favorite is the Friday finals.

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