Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rude Much

Earlier today I was at the thrift store and I found a Tupperware Stencil kit with case. It wasn't priced and when I went to check out, the cashier asked "Mary" what the price was. She gave a price and I thought it was too high so I passed.

I came home and checked out the sold listings on Ebay. They were selling for a decent price so I decided to go back and get it. I walked down the alley to get to the store. I was in a hurry because I didn't want anyone else to buy it before I got a chance to. I didn't notice I had mud on my shoes and I had tracked it into the store. I asked "Mary" if she still had the stencil case. She said yes and went to go get it.

That is when she noticed my tracks. "What do you have on your shoes." she screamed at me. I looked down and felt terrible. "Is that tar?" I said I was sorry and that I was in the alley and it was most likely mud. Her reply, "I sure hope so." I was really embarrassed since there were other shoppers around. She made me feel so bad I almost offered to clean it up. It was an accident. I didn't purposefully track mud into the store.

She got the stencil kit and rang it up. Then like a punk she says "I should charge you more as it it worth a lot more than that but I won't since I told you the price earlier." Really? Since when did this store turn into Ebay?

I'm going to call the manager tomorrow and apologize for the mess but also state I should not have been treated like that. If the store wasn't so close to my house, I wouldn't even go back. I guess I will just try not to go on the days she is there.

What do you think? Should I call or let it pass?


  1. Our Goodwill refuses to price anything at the counter. There are signs all over that say if an item doesn't have a price, it gets returned to the back room for pricing. And I always manage to find something good that has no price. Figures, right? All of the clerks are nice, but they will say things like "$2.99? for a whole box of Build a Bear Stuff?" (Um Yeah. That's what the 20 stickers stickers all over the box say). My advice is to let it go. It's not good to (you know what) where you eat. ;-)

  2. UGH. You're totally right to feel upset about being talked to that way in a store.

    But I also advise to let it go. Being a thrift store clerk probably wasn't her dream job when she was a little girl. And her bad attitude probably reflects unfortunate things/hardships in her life...

    And definitely go back! Sounds like you can get some good deals there! :}

  3. I would call. This person will continue to treat others this way unless someone like you speaks up.

  4. Rude! I would complain to the manager. Dont let it go.
    I was at a thrift store last week and a manager rang me up... She decided to change the price of an item at the counter because she realized it was priced too low, and it shouldve been marked higher. I was FURIOUS. She tried to tell me it had another price on it... Ya right. I was so mad that she treated me like an idiot.
    Long story short... I am in the process of making a complaint against her.

  5. I understand the others' advice to let it go. I know that that approach is good for some people. And maybe it is for you, too.
    I'm the kind of person, though, who regrets not what I do, but what I don't do. Maybe you are, too?
    I would go into the store and, in person, explain to the manager what happened. I would calmly apologize for the mess. I would explain that I'm a regular there, and I'd make it clear that I don't want the clerk's head.
    Perhaps the lady was just having a bad day, but she shouldn't have treated you that way. And you don't want to stew over what you should have said or done. (I guess I'm speaking for myself: I stew. I'm obsessive that way!)
    Plus, you want to keep shopping there without having to avoid her, right?
    Best wishes. And whatever you do will be right for you.

  6. Definitely call the manager. And I think you need to share that experience on Yelp, too!

  7. Call for sure. I don't care what you track in you're a paying customer and they have people to clean the floors. That lady needs to calm down. I get yeah maybe the lady is having a bad day but she shouldn't be taking it out on you.

  8. Well, now after reading all these comments, I can't wait to find out what action you decide to take.

  9. UPDATE: I called and talked to the manager. She apologized and said she would talk to the clerk

    1. I'm a little late to this post, but I'm glad you spoke with the manager. No one should be treated like that.