Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vintage Ice Cooler

Saturday, I walked over to the thrift store to take a quick look around. I only had a few minutes to spare as I was suppose to be getting soda from Walgreens. After checking out the toys, I noticed a metal ice cooler near the back. I was hoping it was a Colemans as some of those go for good money on Ebay. It was a Thermos brand and at first I decided to pass. I then suffered from empty hand syndrome and picked it up on my way out.

It's metal with a plastic bottom. It even has a bottle opener on the side. I already have a box for it so now I wait for it to sell. You can check out my listing here Mention my blog and I will take off $10 for shipping.



  1. I can't tell from your pics if the black stuff on the cooler is stains/marks or places where the the paint has been scratched/worn off. If they are just stains, streaks etc bar keeper's friend gets that stuff off. Its about $2 for a big can of powder. Most grocery stores and retail stores have it where I live.

    1. Thanks for the tip but I believe those are places where the paint has come off.