Sunday, May 4, 2014

Table Art and Other Finds

When I saw this table at the thrift store, I thought that looks like the style of painting by Peit Mondrian. I needed a new kitchen table and this one was small enough to fit in my cramped space. When I went to pay for it, the cashier said "You should be able to repaint that." What? and destroy a master piece. Granted, Piet himself didn't paint this table but if you look underneath, you will see this label.

I want to get some vintage wooden folding chairs because my current ones look ridiculous. But then again, what exactly would match this unique piece of art?

A few weeks ago, Van from Thrift Core blogged about making shelves from old board games. You can read her post here. I picked up a couple of games to do this with. (sorry and scrabble)

The Scrabble for Juniors had 2 boards.

The Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories is in bad shape but I couldn't resist getting it. Check out these sweet graphics.

If anyone local (northern WI) is selling wooden folding chairs, please send me an email

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  1. I was reading on someone else's blog last week that they will often take pages with cool illustrations out of old beat up kid's books and sell them that way as ephemera. It's just a thought, but you might make more selling them that way (that is if you can bear taking the book a part).