Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thrifty Thursday Finds

The thrift store is having 50% off the entire store today through Saturday. I'm kind of bummed because my Paypal balance is at ZERO! and I had to use my checking account for today's buys. I'm sure I could have got more deals but Ryker refused to stay by me and we ended up leaving earlier than I had planned. Hopefully, I can go back tomorrow.

Here's what I found.

I have been eyeing that Fisher Price record player for some time now and I was surprised it was still there this morning. It even works.

The blue car is for Ryker and I'm keeping the ice cream scope. I was going to give the Doctor kit to Ryker too but he said he already had one. It is listed on Ebay.

I have sold two of these vintage crocheted pillows within days of listing them (one on Etsy and one on Ebay) I hope this one sells as fast.

The Johnson & Johnson rattles are pretty good sellers. I have sold both of these in the past as well.

Someone out there has got to love this beer logo cup right? It's funny to me that Pabst Blue Ribbon was chosen as America's most popular brand of beer. Probably true in the 70's, not so much today.

Some vintage toys

I went back this afternoon with Robbie and I'll show you what I found another day. If you are interested in buying any of these items, email me ( or check out my Ebay store here.


  1. Wow, that's a great find on that FP record player. My 40-something daughter had one when she was a little girl. Don't you wish we had kept some of those old things? And thanks for the heads up on that vintage crochet pillow. I would have passed it up. Nostalgia does sell!

  2. was just wondering if you were selling the Johnson and Johnson baby rattle. interested in buying. if so plz email me at