Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hot Cocoa Machines

I read in one of my Face Book Ebay groups that some hot cocoa machines can go for big money on Ebay and even more on Amazon. I couldn't remember the brand or model but when I saw one at Goodwill on Friday, I decided to purchase it.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I remembered it was the CocoaMotion by Mr Coffee that sold well and not this Cocoa Latte by Back To Basics. Anyways, I decided to look it up on Ebay. Currently, there are 35 listed. I decided to do a google search for the directions to make sure my machine worked.

When I started typing cocoa latte in the search engine, it gave me this suggestion: cocoa latte recall. Yup, that would be my luck. The machine is recalled. There is a bushing inside the container that has the potential to leak lead. You can read about the recall here

If you have one of these machines, you are suppose to call for instruction on how to return the product for a refund. They are not open on weekends so I will be calling tomorrow. I'll let you know what the outcome is in a later post.


  1. Just a heads up on the Mr Coffee Cocomotion machines. We saw everyone raving about them back in February and scored 5 within a week for $4 or less. The most any sold for was $26. So while they were good for about $10 profit they were nothing like the $50-$100 sellers people were saying. I guess the market got flooded with them.

  2. the plus side is if you a get a refund, they usually give you a refund for the retail price right? I am always on the lookout for refund-friendly recall items :D