Monday, June 30, 2014

New Business Plan

Since my sales have flat lined for the last three months, I decided to downgrade my Ebay store from the premium to the basic. I will get less listings (150 verses 500) but with all the free promotions Ebay has given out in the past year, what is the point of paying $40 more each month?

I decided to move more of my vintage items to my Etsy shop. Granted, I don't get much traffic but if I spend more time there tweaking my listings and less time worrying about why my Ebay sales are in the toilet, I may actually sell something.

I've also reopened my Addoway storefront. I got one sale there so far but since it is free to list, I have nothing to lose. I'm also going to work on selling more items on Face Book and Craigslist.

Since I only will have 150 listings to work with, unless I get more free specials, I'm going to be more selective with what I buy. All my low price items I have currently listed on Ebay, I will move to my Bonanza booth and to FB.

I hope I can save some money and make some sales. Not selling anything for almost a week has caused so much stress in my life. It shouldn't be this way. I don't know if somehow Ebay has black listed me? It's just so weird to go this long without a sale. Someone is coming over in a few minutes to look at my Harley jacket. I hope it fits her. If not, I will be relisting it with Ebay's free auction special they have until the 2nd.

How have your sales been?


  1. As my vintage items end without a sale on Ebay, I'm moving them to my new Etsy store. I only have 10 items there and so far I've had only 1 view and 1 favorite in a week, but hopefully as I move more things over, I'll start to sell some things there. Ebay is pitiful. I'm so tired of looking at my listings. No views. No watchers. I'm sorry now that I committed to a year store subscription. I did better before relying on the free listing offers. Good luck selling the jacket.

    1. Sold the jacket but not at the price I was asking. Oh well, there will be other sales. Hopefully my Etsy shop picks up as I add to it. I didn't commit to the yearly store because I didn't want to get stuck. Good luck to you at Etsy and hopefully sales will pick up for both of us

  2. I sell mostly on Etsy, I only put certain items on Ebay. I have had very good sales in my Etsy shop for the last 3 months. I really like Etsy better than Ebay. Good Luck with your changes.

  3. all my vintage and most of the craft stuff goes on etsy for me too. Best of luck! I found listing 1 or 2 items daily significantly increases views.

  4. Yup, I'm moving my vintage and crafting items to Etsy too. My sales on eBay have been slow but I haven't been listing as much either. I'm still making sales so I'm okay. Of course, like everyone else, wish it would be better. My Bonanza sales seem to be picking up and I'll be listing more on Etsy. I'm even seriously thinking of giving Amazon a try; sounds intimidating tough. My hubby's business is slow and so is his part-time job. I think the economy is just bad overall.

  5. ebay is pants at the moment but who wants to be sat at a puter when the sun is shining, its the same every year .