Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Church Sale Finds and Where The Hell Did My Reading List Go?

Apparently blogger has decided I waste too much time reading blogs and removed my reading list. It's been gone for a few days now. I think I can still get to blogs off my blog list but who knows. I also got approved for adsense but can not figure out how to put them at the bottom of each individual blog. It's at the very bottom of my page and I doubt anyone can even see it.

Anyways, the church by my house had their annual garage sale. I was hoping to get there bright and early on Thursday but it was raining and I didn't go until 1. I was surprised there was still some good stuff left.

I've learned a lot about Little Golden Books over the past few days. Like for example, the copyright date does not help to determine edition. The copyright usually means the copyright of the story not the book.  The oldest books have the printing listed in the front. The next books, the A determined the first edition. It can be found on the last page of the book almost in the spine. A is first, B is second and so on. I do actually have some first editions but a lot of them are newer.

I was hoping to find some older Fisher Price sets but only found these.

I wish I had picked up the other bargain bags of toys because I think the floats to these Sea Ponies were in there.

a very tiny Popple

a sweet vintage baby doll

and some more books

I found out yesterday the church donated their left overs to the thrift store I go to. I'm hoping the doll house they had got donated. I asked my favorite clerk and she said she would keep her eyes out for it and save it for me.


  1. I have my ads appearing at the end of my posts, but you will only see one on the home page (after the most recent post) and one after a each post if they are clicked on individually.

  2. Try going in and editing your reading list. I went in and added a few new ones and deleted a few old ones and then it showed up again.