Thursday, December 4, 2014

From The Weird Files At Ebay

At the beginning of October, I sold an item at auction and the buyer never paid. Ebay opened an unpaid item case and it closed in my favor. I got my final value fees back and relisted the item. Ten days later I get a message from the buyer "It shows payment still pending. Can you update me when payment clears on your end?" I called paypal and asked if I received a payment from this buyer or if one was pending. They said no. I then called Ebay and the rep also confirmed there was no attempt at payment and he checked to see if the paypal email in the listing was the correct one. It was. I wrote the buyer back and told her I never received a payment from her and that an UPI case was opened and closed in my favor.

She continued to argue with me (I did make a payment. In fact, you were so quick to open a case against me you have no idea what went on. It still shows payment pending.) If this was true, I would have never been able to open an UPI case. I held my ground and told her to call Paypal to get her payment back if she had actually sent one. I left out the last part. I did not hear back from her again so I thought it was done.

Last night, before I went to bed, I checked my email and there was a request (they are now calling cases requests) for item not received. Can you believe it? It was for this item that was never paid for, that opened an upi case and was closed in my favor. I was beyond livid. I called Ebay. There was a 10 minute hold. After 25 minutes of holding, I get a rep. I explain the situation to her and she says she will need to put me back on hold to look at the case. She comes back on the line and says she needs to transfer me to someone in escalations. After another 25 minutes on hold, I get the second rep. I explain the situation one more time. Once again, I am put on hold while he looks into it. He finally gets back to me and agrees that she never paid for the item and is not entitled to a refund. He escalates the case and about 15 minutes later, it closes in my favor.

I'm not sure why she was able to open a case but I'm glad I stood my ground and waited over an hour on hold to resolve this. I have blocked the buyer and hope this is the end of it.


  1. Once you have exchanged messages they can still contact you after being blocked. A gazillion times. They can't bid on anything new though. Just get ready to delete, delete, delete. One of mine that got blocked used to message me that my price on a listing is too high, or too low, or ugly, or beautiful.....just anything to waste time & effort thinking someone has sent a legitimate question.

    1. Deana, you can keep a blocked buyer from messaging you via ebay. Go to site preferences, then buyer requirements, click edit. Scroll down and check the box at the bottom not allowing blocked buyers to see a Contact link on your page.

  2. I just filled out a survey for Ebay. The first question was if I would recommend selling on ebay to friends. I put "strongly disagree." Can you imagine being a newbie seller and having to deal with these bizarre issues? Ugh! Glad you persisted and got the matter cleared up.