Saturday, December 20, 2014

Look What I found

I went to the thrift store on Friday and saw him sitting on the top shelf of the antiques section. I meant to buy him but forgot about it until I got home. Luckily, he was still there this afternoon.

1981 Paddington Bear. This is not your mass produced bear (Eden) but one handmade in England by Gabrielle Designs. He stands a proud 14 inches tall and comes with his original P.B. Wellies which are usually lost. In his pocket, he has a red and white checkered drawstring bag. I'm not sure if this is original to him as I have not seen other bears with this bag. He is missing his blue swing tag but he still has his luggage tag: Darkest Peru to London, England. His fur is a nice soft mohair. He is an expensive little bear. A few have sold for over $100 and one sold recently for $281.45 from the United Kingdom. I'm hoping with the new Paddington Bear movie coming out, someone will want this for their collection.

I have also been looking for a vintage tree skirt. I found this cute one for $1.99 but only paid $.50c because Christmas was 75% off. Some of the felt designs needed to be hot glued back on and luckily I have a hot glue gun.

check out Paddington here