Saturday, January 10, 2015

Knickerbocker Snoopy Play Set

After lunch on Friday, I convinced the hubby to stop at a local thrift store. There was a set of Pyrex bowls I had been wanting. Hubby hates going shopping but I told him I would only be a few minutes. He stopped but unfortunately, the bowls were gone.

I did find two things in the limited time I had: a metal library file drawer and a vintage Knickerbocker Snoopy play set.

Apparently, there were 2 other sets in addition to The Astronaut: The Chef and The Sport.

The set is missing the flag and Woodstock. The box is still in good shape.

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  1. Haven't you been able to convince your husband that there is MONEY in the store and that he must help you find it??? Or, maybe you can bring him home something that he would really, really admire and want to find more of. Oh, well... Thank goodness you're fast! Maybe he'll come around.