Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Six Days

Six days without a sale on Ebay. What is one to do? Well, go shopping of course. Monday, I went to Goodwill. It is getting harder to find anything for resale as their prices have gone up quite a bit. For example, I used to be able to buy baby blankets for half the cost they are now. Since the thrift store by my house barely gets any blankets, I have no choice but to buy them at GW.

I found this Mickey Mouse baby blanket. Normally I will not buy Mickey as the market seems to be saturated but this was a Biederlack and they seem to sell for good money. I still have my large Mickey blanket from when I was a kid and those are selling for around $90. I would sell mine but it is in bad shape.

I also found this Marshall Fields blanket. There is only one other listed on Ebay that I could find and that seller is asking a ridiculous amount in my opinion.

I also picked up this new security blanket from Hallmark.

I thought these bookends were cool. Too bad they are not vintage or made in Italy as those were selling high.

The last time I sold one of these musical stages, the price had really dropped. I'm glad to see the price went back up.

Yesterday, I walked over to the thrift store with Robbie. He is in a Special Needs classroom and they did not have school yesterday. He found himself a Spiderman toy computer. He loves those things. As I was checking out, I spotted a Coach purse locked in the glass counter. Normally, I can spot a fake a mile away. This one however looked real. I asked to see it. My hunch was correct and it was real. I am trying to sell it on FB as Ebay is over saturated with them and all it takes is one competitive person to report it as fake. I'd rather not take that chance. If it doesn't sell, I will keep it for myself. You can join my FB group here. It is open to anyone and I will gladly ship if you pay for shipping.

I also found a blanket and some toys at the thrift store. You can view these items in my Ebay store here

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