Sunday, November 27, 2011

Auction Finds

My husband has been going to a couple of auctions with his friend Chris. He can usually get boxes of crap inventory for a buck. The downside is everything is thrown into a box with no rhyme or reason so if you want one particular thing, you end up with a box of stuff you don't want. Sometimes when there are no bidders, they keep adding boxes and you get 3 boxes for a buck. Here are some items I found that are Ebay worthy. The rest of the stuff, (vases, knick knacks, pictures) I will probably donate to Goodwill. But don't tell hubby. I honestly think he is a hoarder.

lots of Unicorns

music box

music box plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow

another music box

I love these icicles ornaments

Kodak Brownie Camera needs cleaning

This last item my hubby picked up at a garage sale this summer. I finally got around to listing it. He only paid a dollar. It's funny because I had picked this up earlier and then set it back down.

It is a Kodak Instamatic X 90. It even came with a flash cube and two extra lenses. I had sold a Kodak Retina Camera to a buyer in Japan for $90 earlier this summer and I'm hoping to get a good price on this.


  1. Some very nice finds... Oddly enough I actually had almost half of those unicorns when I was younger (the ones in the top pic). I always had a fondness for the pink fluffy feathers on the container one.

    Those cameras are amazing. Okay, enough of my babbling. Thank you for sharing and bringing back older memories.

    Danelle (

  2. Now you have me thinking I should look for more icicle ornaments. A tree dripping with those would look so good!