Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ugggghhhh I Can't Believe

I deleted all my thrift store finds pictures!! And to make it worse, I cleared out my recycle bin before I noticed the missing folder. But fret not. I went to GW today and found some items to show you. Most are listed in my store (make me an offer) so if you see something you like, drop on by To The Toy Box and Beyond.

I found a few more owl items; a cool pen holder, a napkin holder and a mini owl pitcher. I also found an ABC toy for Ryker but Im not sure what it is called. Anyone know?

What I thought was cool about the napkin holder besides it vintagey awesomeness, on the bottom is my Uncles name, Tom Kelly. Yeah, I know, he probably did not make the item or owned it, but I thought it was cool.

Don't you hate it when they put the price sticker right smack in the front of the item? Why not put it on the bottom? I did manage to get the sticker off with some goo gone but I know that is a harsh product and you have to be careful so it does not mess up the paint.

This bag of wooden pieces contained an Animal ABC puzzle. Let me tell you, it was hard to put together without any picture or reference to go by. I have never seen this particular puzzle before but I sold a similiar giraffe abc puzzle a few weeks ago for $19.99. Hopefully I can get around that for this puzzle. If not, Ryker will have a new toy come Christmas.

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  1. Very fun items. Love that owl napkin holder. Yes, I hate the stickers on items at thrift stores or garage sales. Do the workers not realize that it can ruin a wonderful item. Or the black sharpie on an item is horrible too. If it must have a black mark, please put it on the bottom.
    Karen G

  2. Love the owls :) I just picked up a little brass owl at a thrift store and he had a little photo shoot on my blog recently :) Boo to deleting your photos!

  3. What a nice lot of treasures! My friend collects owls, too. Thanks for your visit today so we could share our collections!Best of luck with your EBay store.

  4. Ugh I do hate stickers stuck in all the wrong places! But am loving my visit to your blog. The owls are a hoot. Yes, I said it.

  5. Hi - Love your blog and just thought Id share - black sharpie marks as well as stickers can be removed with eucalyptus oil and also fly spray! They both work amazingly and are not harsh.