Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Bed New Dresser

I haven't gone thrifting in a week. Can you imagine? a whole week! and I probably won't be able to go until Monday if my sister will take me. I really miss my old favorite thrift store. It was in walking distance and I could go everyday if I wanted. (sad face) There is a consignment shop close by but I don't get the good bargains I did at the thrift.

Yesterday I went and bought Ryker a fire truck bed. I saw it a week and a half ago at the consignment shop and debated whether I wanted to pay that much ($125) for a bed when he already had one. I figured I would buy it for his birthday if it was still there. I checked online and new beds cost $300. I decided if I wanted to get it, I better do it before Black Friday or it would be gone.

Since it is slightly bigger than his old bed, we had to get rid of his huge dresser and replace it with something smaller. I got that at the consignment shop as well. It was covered in stickers and Bill did not think it was worth the $22 I spent. I was able to remove all the stickers and clean it up. The only problem with this dresser is that if you don't have it level, the bottom drawer sticks. It is quite frustrating. Perhaps Bill was right. What do you think? Would you have bought it?

Huge dresser we donated to Randalin Homes. They came and picked it up. I told them on the phone it was heavy and when they got here, it was 3 people and the girl and the old guy took it out of the house and the old guy dropped his end on the porch. It didn't break though. I felt bad for him. It came with mirrors too but we never had them on and when I got them out of the shed, one fell apart. It's an easy fix, the cardboard holding it in just needs to be restapled. They even took Ryker's old bed. (Bill had told me they wouldn't. Ha I was right)

Special thanks to my sister who helped me move everything.

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  1. Very cool bed. I might add some red handles to the cupboard to coordinate, or a light on top!
    It cleaned up really well.
    I am very very cheap and I think you did good.