Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ebay Win

I won this on Ebay today. It is a Christmas gift to myself. My hubby sucks at giving gifts. I got a new vacuum which I love but then as a family gift, he bought us a new toilet! Who the hell gives someone a toilet for Christmas? Talk about a crappy gift. He installed it while the kids and I were at my parents on Christmas Eve.

Isn't it wonderful? The listing says it is 19 inches wide by 29 inches long. I have the perfect spot in my living room for it. I really hope it is well packed and the post office does not ruin it. I can't wait until it comes.


  1. Becky that is very cute! But I had to laugh because I'm picking up the toilet I purchased for my father this week. Who gives a toilet for Christmas!

  2. Enjoy your blog & love the picture! Can't believe that the seller posted a photo with a Coke can sitting in front of it, though!


  3. Very cute and I see that they used the universal measurement tool(coke can).