Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodwill Scores

I've been searching my Goodwills for Pyrex without much luck. Last week, I had found the yellow and green primary colors mixing bowls and left them there. Of course when I went back to get them, they were gone. So now my new rule is grab them when you find them. I have noticed the GW in Rib Mountain prices theirs a few bucks cheaper than the one in Westen. Today I found the 403 green primary mixing bowl for $2.99

Found a vintage balance scale last Friday along with a pair of Buzz Lightyear shoes, a Little People's construction set and some magnetic people from The First Years. I'm only selling the scale. The rest is for Ryker.

Mickey Mouse Music box plays Jingle Bell Rock. When the cashier rang it up, it said $12.99 I was like "What? How much is that?" She said $2.99 and I said it rang up for $12.99 She fixed it and said I'm glad you caught that. Yeah, I was too.

And the week would not be complete without some owls.

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  1. A year and a half ago, during lunch at Vacation Bible School at my church, the education director and I got into a conversation about Pyrex. He said that he had the entire primary set except the green one. I made a mental note, and a year later I finally found the green one. I was so excited to give it to him! I took it to church the following week and reminded him, and he said, "oh, is that the one I'm missing? I don't remember?" So obviously he didn't really care, but I could hardly undo it.

    Literally, not even a week later, my mom told me she wanted to start collecting all the solid Pyrex bowls (not just the primary). Sigh. If only she'd told me a week earlier. I've managed to track down all of the primary ones for her except another green one. $2.99 - I'm so jealous!