Monday, May 28, 2012

Bonanza Sale & Making A Box

I have been neglecting my Bonanza booth for quite some time. Today, I was surprised to see I sold an item there. I have had this picture listed since February. I bought it last October. It was originally stained a darker color but I painted it white to lighten it up. It is titled "Little Henry and His Dad". I sold it for $15 plus shipping.

Of course, I never think about shipping when I list something. This item was no exception. I had to make a box. Veronica from Saving in Salinas had commented on an earlier blog about making boxes. Here is how I made this one. I forgot to take pictures until after the box was done so bear with me.

First, I had to find two of the same boxes. I have a bunch of these that my sister got me from her job.

I took them apart and cut the side open to make two flat pieces of cardboard. I cut off the top flaps from both boxes and trimmed the bottom flaps to 1 1/2". I then tapped both pieces to get one large piece of cardboard. I taped them one on top of the other and the bottom flap on one box becomes the top flap of the combined box. (Sorry about not having pictures) I wrapped the cardboard around the picture and taped it shut in the middle. I then taped the top and bottom flaps closed. Here is what the box looked like when I finished it.

This is the back of the box. You can see it taped horizontal (to put the two pieces together) and taped vertically to close it shut.

This is the front side. On this side, the box is only taped horizontal to hold the two pieces together.

The bottom and top flaps are taped together. Since it was made to fit the picture, I didn't have any empty space as I would with a normal box.

The box ended up being 25 inches long, 18 inches wide and 2 inches deep. With the picture, it weighs 5 pounds. I'm hoping the post office doesn't manage to break it since it is made of wood but I added insurance to be safe.

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