Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Am The Owl Queen

Yesterday, Lorraine from We are clamco left this comment on my blog: "I agree! You are the owl queen Becky!" Cindylou commented "I guess your eyes are trained to seek them out since you love them!" How right she is. Today, I found 6 owl items at Goodwill. I left behind a Dad and Little Henry picture (already have) and an owl toilet seat. (that would be too weird) Here is what I got:

A 3D art plaque with an owl in the tree

An owl candle holder

And a large figurine marked Japan on the bottom

I spotted this cute baby quilt.

and if you look closely, there is an owl square.

I bought the puzzle for Ryker and I found this Baby Einstein Rocking Caterpillar. Ryker is too big for it. When I went to pay, the cashier said it was cute and I told her I bought it for my granddaughter. (totally not true. I'm selling it on Ebay. It is discontinued and very hard to find) Anyways, the cashier said I looked too young to be a grandma :-)


  1. Yes, you are the owl queen!(I'm handing you your crown). That 3D art piece looks very retro 70's. Cool!

  2. I love that 3D piece, too. Awesome finds! :)

  3. Definitely the owl queen! six in one day!!! Next time I go to the thrift, I will try to find at least one, but there may be other Owl queens that live in my area!