Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh My God, They Donated Kenny!

Poor Kenny. He's been to Hell, Heaven, Mexico and the Goodwill. That is where I found him on Friday. At the Goodwill. I brought him home and Ryker has been attached to him ever since. He is a 7 inch plastic coin bank and is currently sitting on the shelf above my computer. I really like him, so I priced him high in my Ebay store.

Here are some more finds from that trip.

Those puzzle pieces in front make an alphabet giraffe. I sold a similar one last year and hope to get the same price for this one. This one is in better condition and on the back side has number 1-26

I never find any Wilton cake pans and when I found the Pink Panther one, I was pretty stoked. Then I checked completes and wasn't stoked anymore.

I would have never picked up the Rolodex but there was a Bolo topic on it over on proboards. The metal ones go for the most money.

My sister picked up this Polly Pocket carry case. She was going to buy it for her kids, but then changed her mind. I know Polly Pocket sells well, so I bought it. I only found one other like this but it was in a lot. If it doesn't sell by itself, I will wait until I get a bunch of Polly stuff. I made a good profit last summer and Mattel sent me a check for $35 for sending in the recalled ones.

The other puzzle pieces are magnetic and you can mix the pieces up to make new animals.

The race track and two cars, I'm keeping for Ryker. It was .99 cents


  1. I have 2 Pooh Wilton pans that I bought at the SA. I'm going to have to donate them back because they're worthless. And I have a wooden puzzle for sale that gets watchers and inquiries but no buyers. I took a chance on some other things I don't normally sell....big fail. Your Kenny bank looks like a good find!

  2. I love finding Wilton Pans. Some are worthless. Those are good for selling in lots on Craigslist.

  3. How cool is that Pink Panther cake pan? Sorry he wasn't worth more, but at least he's cute!!

  4. Rolodex? Seriously? Who knew. I see them all the time. Wilton pans are hit or miss for me.

  5. I am also not having much luck with Wilton cake pans. Seems like it has to be a biggy like Scooby-Doo if it's going to sell. Or they sell in multi-lots, but not for a lot of "dough"!

    Anyways, Happy Mother's Day....Dude!