Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Past Finds

I haven't done a finds post in awhile, so here are a few things I have thrifted over the last few weeks.

Play Mobil Castle set. This was in the green storage tote with tape all over the top of it, so I wasn't sure what exactly I was buying. Hopefully all the pieces are there.

Kodak Easy Share paper and ink cartridge set. It is missing two of the 4 ink and 3 packs of paper but should still go for good money.

Some baby dolls. Not sure if they are worth much but they are cute.

A Blue's Clues Refrigerator I know some Blue's toys can go for a lot but Ryker has decided this is his and I haven't looked it up yet.

Some vintage leg warmers. I thought this looked cool but not sure if they are a good seller.

Child's plate set. I sold an older version of this in November for around $30 I think?

A Tickle Me Elmo TMX Special Edition that I traded some mini-cabbage patch dolls for.

Pikachu that I bought in a lot of toys from Facebook

and an owl bank that my niece found for me while we were at Goodwill.

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  1. playmobil complete or not sells!! good finds