Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Finds

I have gotten some good stuff off of Facebook this pass week. My favorites are these canvas paintings I got for $10 each.  Normally, I would not spend that much but since I am keeping them and not reselling, it seemed like a good price. I noticed the store sticker was still attached to the back and each one retailed for $74.99. They are titled "Out For A Stroll'. The seller told me she bought them to show a house and hadn't used them since. Of course, my hubby doesn't like them.

I would like to find something to replace the candle holder in the center of these two pictures. I would like something big enough the cover the faded spot on the wall.

I also picked up some jewelry I am reselling on Ebay. I have 7 watchers on this bracelet, so hopefully it will sell soon.

Another bracelet I picked up.

I started an auction group on Facebook. It isn't getting as nearly as enough traffic as my garage sale one but I did win this Olympus tape recorder.

1 comment:

  1. Love the paintings! Can you paint the wall? If not, you could move the painting on top of each other and put the candle holder next to them slightly in between. Use the couch as your space not the entire wall. Just a thought!