Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who In The World Is Pup E??

Today, I went to Goodwill and found a stuffed animal I had never seen before. It had a heart tag on it and said Pup E. The dog was made in 1990 by Commonwealth Toys. I thought he looked interesting so I bought him to resell on Ebay. My only problem? I can't find him anywhere to base his price on. He had an original store price tag of $19.99 but surely he is worth more? I asked on a FB group, but no one responded so I removed the post. I decided to price him ridiculously high with a best offer and see what happens.

The back of his heart tags says "Here's Deb B. Doll and her pet Pup E. They're lovable, hugable and cute as can be Deb B's dressed the best for miles around and always takes Pup E. with her around town When you take them home, they're sure to be fun You can't walk away with buying just one."

I tried to do a search for Deb B Doll but did not find any listings for her either. Anyone have any ideas? To see my listing or to bring him home with you click here.