Sunday, February 24, 2013

Half Off Sale

This pass Friday and Saturday the thrift store by my house had a half off sale. It wasn't advertised and I only found out because I overheard a worker telling a customer about it on Monday. Friday, I went with Ryker and wasn't able to look at everything because he was acting up but here is what I got from that day.

I found 3 denim plus size skirts, a baby blanket, some plush, a Snoopy mug, 3 West Bend tumblers, a Starbucks mug, my first Hawaiian shirt, a L.L.Bean shirt (thanks Dude @Money in the Garage) and a snowboarding jacket.

Who can resist these sweet owls? I love the little homemade one.

I'm keeping the Starbucks cup simply because it is too hard to photograph. It's one of those reflective silver ones and when I photograph it, it looks like there is a big black stain on it. I wonder how other people photograph those?

The Hawaiian shirt is not silk but rayon. It is by Pierre Cardin. I have not researched the brand yet so I'm not sure if it will be a good seller.

Not sure if the L.L. Bean shirt will sell but it is a size xxl Tall. That seems like a hard size to find.

The next day I went back without Ryker but it was pretty crowded. I didn't find much but did manage to get some ugly sweaters.

The cat sweater didn't have a size tag. I normally do not buy anything without the size but I knew this would sell. I determined from their size chart, that it should be a size 2x

The lovely hand embroidered puppy sweater vest is new with tags.

I also found a sweet little teddy bear from Gund

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  1. Looks like you found some great items! I bet the puppy sweater vest goes first!

  2. i adore the little homemade owl! so sad she ended up in the bins but happy you rescued her. i am always looking for handmade stuffies at the thrifts.