Thursday, August 20, 2015

Church Treasure Sale Finds

The church by our house is having their annual treasure sale until Saturday. I didn't even know it had started but we drove past there this morning and I saw the signs. I'm so grateful we did because I probably would have never known and missed out on two great items. I'm so thankful. God is good.

I thought I would never find one of these, let alone 2. I almost wet myself. They are Fisher Price bunny security blankets. They are from the 70's I think.

I also picked up the Fisher Price delivery van. It has all the letters inside. I don't think they sell very high but I seem to sell them quickly. There is suppose to be a mail guy and a cart thing but mine are missing. I won't pick them up unless they have all the cards. (13 because they are double sided)

All these items will be listed in my Ebay store here Most of my items have Best Offer so let's make a deal.

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