Saturday, September 12, 2015

Would You Have Bought It

I was drawn to this dresser at the thrift store. Maybe because of the way it looked or the fact that it took almost half of their floor space.

I called my husband and asked what he thought. He said to get it if I had a spot for it. I had 3 in mind and was hoping one would work. It was priced at $25 but they had their furniture marked at 50% off. For $12.50, I would find somewhere to put it.

I had to rearrange my furniture, but I found a home for it. For now, I put my movies on one side. The drawers and other side are empty.


  1. I would have bought it in a blink. It would make a fantastic 'crafters cupboard'. All the drawer and cupboard space would hold mountains of stash.

  2. Beautiful, I would have bought it in a heartbeat and then found a place for it somewhere. Looks like it is versatile and holds a lot of stuff.