Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pyrex and Minions and Snoopy Oh My

I only found three things today. I also found the owner of the car keys I posted about last week. It was a guy who works for a trucking company and the keys fell out of his pocket as he was getting into his truck.

The bottom of this Pyrex dish reads Pyrex General Mills Inc Minneapolis Minn. I believe it is the mixing bowl to an electric mixer.

I had to get the minion clock because it's so cute. Lights flash around it.

I'm hoping someone buys this Baby Snoppy crib set. It comes with a sheet, bumpers and a blanket. It's listed on ebay if anyone is interested.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Lost Keys

Yesterday, I was walking through an empty lot and found a set of keys. I figured since they had a snapfitness card attached, the owner would be easy to find.

But I was wrong. I called the number on the card. The guy who answered said they did not use those type of cards at their location. He was very puzzled. I asked if he could somehow do a search with the coded number. He told me the card belonged to a snapfitness in Minnesota and the name was Alexandra Smith. He gave me an email to the center.

I sent an email to that snapfitness but they came up empty handed. I posted the keys in a local FB garage sale group and even created a Facebook group for lost and found items in my area.

I found 2 Alexandras on fb but neither responded to my message

So if you are reading this, Alexandra, and have lost your keys, I have them and would really like to get them back to you.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Tale Of Two Train Tables

About 2 weeks ago, I found a small train table at Goodwill. It came with some tracks, trees, people, buildings, signs and a car. I bought it for Ryker

Last Friday, I went to a different Goodwill and found a bigger table with storage containers underneath. My sister tried to talk me out of buying it. She had a good point: Ryker already had one and does he even play with the one he has?

I decided to buy the bigger table. I could always sell the smaller one on Facebook. I did have a buyer yesterday, but later in the day he decided to change his mind. Hopefully, I can sell it soon.

Have you ever bought something only to find something better a few days or weeks later? Did you buy the better one?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pyrex, Fire King and A Cool Find

I found a couple pieces of cheap Pyrex this week at the thrift store. I was surprised and so was the cashier. She wondered how these pieces got past the volunteer who prices anything vintage high.

These pink casserole pans are faded but I like them anyways.

I hardly ever find any Pyrex with a lid but this week I found two pieces, a red bowl and a blue casserole dish.

My sister found these coffee mugs. I asked her what brand they were. Because they are wrapped in a rubber/vinyl coating, the manufacturers stamp was hard to read. Research shows they are Glamalite Fire King Mugs.

I'm going to use this lunch box as a purse. I'm not sure why I was drawn to it, maybe because I remember my dad had a black one and my uncle had a silver one.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodwill Finds

I went to Goodwill with Robbie on Saturday. I didn't get much but it was pretty pricey. In fact, I was surprised the Pyrex dish was my cheapest item. They had another bigger bowl, different color and pattern but they wanted $16.99 for it.

The leapster with games was for Ryker and I got Robbie a computer that isn't shown.

The resale value on the Wiggles car has dropped slightly over the past few years but if you can find them under a few dollars, they are worth picking up.

The Paddington bear blanket is from 1997. I couldn't find any like it on ebay.

I don't know if the short stem Happy Apple is worth more than the long stem one but I love vintage Fisher Price toys. I'm keeping the Pyrex dish.

If you see something you like, check out my eBay store as it is listed there.