Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodwill Finds

Sales have been dismal on Ebay this week. I need new inventory. There wasn't much at Goodwill but here is what I found. Hopefully, I can make some kind of profit.

I sold a set of Sesame Street letters last week and was excited to find another complete set. I only hope these go as fast.

The Wiggles car is a good seller. I sold one of these awhile ago. I don't remember for how much.

The bucket of soldiers I'm letting Ryker keep. They are not a high selling toy. I usually pass up the Chicco shape sorter because they are never complete. This one has the keys but is missing a shape and 2 animals. I'm not sure it will sell on Ebay so I posted it on my Facebook page.

If you see anything you like, it is for sale in my Ebay store.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook Trade

I found these Doc Martens on Facebook for $30

I have been looking for a pair of boots for some time and these were a size 9. I wear a size 10. I had read Doc Marten's sometimes runs big. I contacted the seller but unfortunately someone else was trying them last weekend. I was bummed.

I was selling these Little People Play Sets for $15 each

The seller of the boots wanted to purchase them. She had contacted me and told me the boots were now available because they were too big for the other girl and she was interested in the play sets.

We traded today plus she also bought this farm set for $20

I'm really not sure who got the better deal. I know I could have possibly gotten more listing on Ebay but it seems Ebay is flooded with Little People and it may have sat for awhile. I did sell my last play set this morning there for $25 minus shipping.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Selling Clothes

I have been busy this week trying to list clothing on Ebay. I do not like selling clothes. They are hard for me to photograph, (I can never get the color right) I hate measuring and I think there is a high risk for returns. However, they are super easy to ship and do not take up much room.

The consignment shop had dollar tag clothes this week and today they added .50 cent tags. You have to search through all the racks to find the color tag because they are not sorted out. The store probably has 25+ racks and with Ryker, I am lucky to get through 3 before he acts up. Here are some of my favorites that I found. I may go back tomorrow as well.

I passed over this dress on Monday thinking no one would buy it because it is so long. I bought it on Tuesday and sold it within 10 minutes of listing it. I love the baby blue color but it wasn't my size.

This skirt sold fast too.

This golf skort is new with tags. I noticed the brand, Bobby Jones, sells discount items on Ebay. They are selling a similar one for $49.99

I was shocked to see another seller selling this swimsuit for $149.99 Mine also is new but is missing the outer store tag and the clerk tore off half the inside tag. It is by Louis Vuitton designer Stephen Sprouse.

I found this prom dress today. It also is new. It's very pretty and can't imagine spending $148 on something I never wore. The consignment shop price was $30 but I only paid $1 because it was the color tag. Poor consignee only got .50 cents from her investment.

Love the pink flowers on this dress

I normally do not look at baby clothes but who could resist this cute little dress from Tommy Hilfiger. Three different views. I listed this on my Facebook group.

I have some more but need to get listing. You can't sell it if you don't list it. Btw the two items I sold, paid for everything I bought this week so the rest is pure profit.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I Love Selling On Ebay

Yesterday, I bought some Hanna Barbera plush from Facebook.

I listed them separately last night for $10 each with free shipping. This afternoon, Top Cat sold.

Shortly after I got this message:

Dear beckyp72,

Thanks for having this item posted on Ebay. I have been looking for this character at swap meets but he is not easy to find. I looked on Ebay for the first time yesterday and decided to buy him today. I probably won't find him any place else again than here and now. He is called "Don Gato" on Spanish cartoons/TV instead of "Top Cat" (American cartoons). What else is cool is that you are located in Wausau, WI. I was born in Wausau, WI! I really look forward to having this character for my collection!

It makes me happy to find items other people are looking for. It's amazing how one little thank you note can make your day. I wish there were more buyers like this one.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sometimes You Fall Out Of Love

Back in February, I bought a vintage mannequin from the thrift store. I was in love with her. You can read about my post here I had to rescue her and take her home. I named her Mandy. I thought we would be happy forever.

Last week, I came to the painful conclusion that we were not working out. Sure, I had used her to model this messenger bag

and she looked beautiful in this baby blue sweater

and how cute is this vintage apron?

but most clothes simply did not fit her right. She was too short to model skirts or pants and too big boned for most shirts. Sadly, I decided to list her on Ebay. She is relocating to sunny Florida where I hope she is happy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Facebook Finds Plus Goodwill

I bought two more things off Facebook. I'm not sure if I'm going to resell them yet or not. Ryker really loves the ship and the case is great for his trains.

I paid more than I should have for this Playmobil Pirate Ship. I tried to talk her down since it was missing pieces but she would not budge.

The pricers at Goodwill must have lost their minds this week. Everything cost so much more than usual. There wasn't much I was interested in but I did find a Little Einstein Rocket (not the coveted Pat Pat Rocket) a pair of Converse shoes (made in China ~sigh~ but they looked interesting and plus they are my size) a set of vintage pictures, and a Starbucks Bear.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Facebook Finds and Sales

I bought two things off of Facebook this week: a Littlest Pet Shop toy and a Baby Einstein play mat.

The seller of the LPS toy wanted $10 I had $9 in my wallet and 4 quarters in my purse. By the time I got there, I had forgotten about the quarters and gave her the dollars. When I got home, I realized my mistake. I called her to let her know I thought I may have shorted her a dollar. She told me she hadn't counted the money as "I trust most people to be honest." I did not mean to short her and she told me she wasn't going to stress about a buck but her tone told me otherwise. I am an honest person and would not do this on purpose. Who doesn't count the money when they sell something?

The play mat is missing some pieces and the links but I should still be able to make a profit.

I sold 4 things on Facebook: papasan chair, a floor cleaner, some canisters and a toy.

I had this papasan chair for over 18 years. The cushion is new. My son was a little upset I sold it but no one uses it and it will be one less thing to move. Sold for $25

I've tried selling these yellow canisters on Ebay for a few months. There were watchers but no interest. I sold them to the person who bought the chair for $15

I sold the floor cleaner for $5 because I thought the buyer was going to buy something else from me and she changed her mind. I should have asked before I lowered the price. I also noticed the lock clip was missing so I wasn't sure if the canister would stay in place while being used. It must work because I have not heard back from her.

I bought this stacking toy for .75 at the consignment store. I sold it for $3 to a lady who previously bought a shelf from me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Instead of going grocery shopping, I convinced my sister to check out some garage sales I seen posted on facebook.  (Those sucked but the other sales were ok)

The first sale almost everything was priced a quarter. I wish I would have picked up some stuff there, but I wasn't sure if it would sell or not: floppy disks, an old slide projector($5) and some old magazines. I did pick up a container of mini erasers. I know the vintage ones can sell so I thought I would try these.

The second sale we found by chance. Sarah was turning to go back the other way and she spotted the sale. It looked promising with a bunch of kid's toys in the driveway. Unfortunately, almost everything was overpriced. $18 for a Fisher Price Musical table? I think not. Dude, you are selling your stuff in a driveway. Seriously! I did find a bag of Cowboys and Indians for Sarah and this Wonder Pets Fly Boat. I also bought that truck for Ryker in the first picture.

The sale on Facebook was next but didn't have much. Everything was well picked through but there were several other sales on the block so we stopped. I got some more hot rollers for .50 cents and two OCC coffee mugs for free.

I had to dig through a huge garbage bag of plush to find the Diego doll (for Ryker) and the four (one is not pictured above) security blankets.

The next stop I found some vtg My Little Pony. They are in well played with condition. I also picked up a Barbie car Ryker wanted. I wasn't going to buy it, but he threw it at the seller and the light cover fell off. It was an easy fix but the seller gave me that look so I bought it.

and at the last sale, I found a vintage puffalump with his shirt. I have sold two in the past for around $25.

Later in the day, I picked up a lot of Pocket Puppies off Facebook. This was the same lady I got the Kelly lot from. I'm wondering if she is figuring out I'm reselling the stuff on Ebay?

On Monday, I'm going to meet another person to buy a lot of Little Pet Shop. It's hard to tell from the picture but she says there are pets in there. Here's to hoping they are worth something.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Finds

My finds this week. Most are for sale in my Ebay store or will be.

From the consignment shop: Brobee Pillow Pal, Fisher Price Learning Letters mailbox, Peek a blocks wagon and Wilton Gingerbread Boy cake pan. The wagon no longer played music, so I already sold it on my Facebook group for $15. I kept the yellow divider to sell on Ebay as most of the used wagons are missing them.

Thrift Store Finds: I overpaid on most of this stuff and will no longer go back there. They have great vintage things but want to much for them. The puzzles are for Ryker.

These squirrels are just the cutest. How can anyone resist those fluffy tails?

 The little bear on top of the train case is an AC/DC Bear. Here is his back.

Goodwill Finds: I couldn't resist the Hello Kitty. She was the half off colored tag. I don't think she is worth much on Ebay so I am trying to sell her on Facebook. I'm not sure how well the hot rollers will sell but they were cheap enough to buy them.

Isn't that Snoopy mug awesome? It says Pardners on the back.