Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday's Thrifty Finds

I actually did not go thrifting today. These are items I found last week. Not much for resale but I did find a couple of cool things for myself.

Backwards clock. It's a little confusing at first but I had to buy it. My sister saw it and told me about it. I asked her where it was and she pointed to it at the checkout. I asked if it was for sale and they said $5 Do you want to buy it? I said sure I'll buy it and then the cashier asked me if I could read it. I said yes it's 2:20 which was the right time.

retro office chair

vintage carpet purse

chenille bedspread I wish I could get a better photo because it would probably sell if my photos didn't suck so much.

Handmade zodiac quilt

Fisher Price crib hugger doll. Her arms wrap around the bars of the crib.

Holly Hobby doll

Remington hot rollers Not the tight curls but should sell ok

Vintage pencil sharpener

Mickey Mouse yahtzee

some spice shakers. I wish I had the whole set

I normally do not buy Webkinz unless it is something I know sells for big money but I thought the Gold signature was worth more but I guess it depends on the animal. I got 2 chimps. (not big money makers)

I already sold this vintage cat. It had no tag so I was guessing at the price and accepted a best offer of $21.25

If you see anything you would like to buy, send me an email at or check out my ebay store here

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Craigslist Buyers: Yeah, You Kind Of Suck

What is up with craigslist buyers? They send you a message asking if you have something and when you respond, they never message back. Thanks for wasting my time. Or if they do message you back, they can never commit to a time to come see your crap.

A few weeks back, I was selling this lamp.

It is brand new. My hubby took it out of the box and put it together. I had it listed for $10. I got an immediate response. The lady came over the next day to look at it. It wasn't exactly what she wanted but she was willing to take it off my hands for $7 This is a BRAND NEW lamp. Not my fault it wasn't what she exactly wanted. I told her thanks but I would wait to see if I got any other interest. I repriced it at $20 

I bought these boots for myself at the thrift store about 2 months ago. It was one of those impulse buys and the next day I was  regretting buying them. I wore them a few days but didn't really love them so I posted them for sale.

 Apparently, the response to my ad was going to my spam folder and I didn't notice I had a prospective buyer for a few days. His email finally came to my inbox and we set up a time today to look at them. I emailed him this morning to see if he was still coming and I got no response. 30 minutes before he was to arrive, I hear a knock on my door. There he is looking like he just murdered someone. I was asking $25 for them. (yes I overpaid at the t.s. and wanted my money back plus $5 for cleaning them) He looked them over and tried them on. He said they were really worn. Yes, the soles were worn but they are Made In the USA leather boots! He asked if I would take $15 I said I would go down to $20. Again he said, they are really worn. I agreed to take $15 and I said I didn't have change. He said I only have $15 He showed up with NO INTENTION whatsoever of paying my asking price! Sure, I will bargain with you but at least show up with the correct amount and go from there.

I still have a few things for sale on CL but I'm seriously thinking about taking them to the consignment shop.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Would You Have Bought It?

The other day I was at the thrift store and spotted a game on the top shelf. I picked it up and looked for the date. 1972. I opened the box to see if everything was inside. It was complete but I decided to put it back. When I got home, I looked on Ebay to see what it was worth. Some were selling for $40 + I went on one of my Facebook Ebay groups and asked if I should buy it. The reaction differed from " I would love to find one" "Totally would have bought it" "They sell really well on ebay" to "you can have it chic" "I would never bring that thing into my house" and "not good enough for me to take the chance"

So what was this game that caused such a stir of emotions in people?

Yes, I went back today and bought it. It's upstairs covered in a black cloth.... just to be safe.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thrifted Table

Again, I found nothing at the thrift store worth reselling. I'm getting quite discouraged. I did, however, find another table that works better with my kitchen chairs and space.

The thrift store had been using that table for displaying stuff and today when I saw it moved to the front of the store, I asked if it was for sale. There was no price tag and the manager said it was $6.99. It looks really heavy and since I was walking, I asked if it was light enough to carry. She said yes it is surprisingly light. I bought it and was amazed at how light it was and carried it home.

For now, I put the art table in Robbies room for him to use as a desk.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not Much Of Anything

I went to the thrift store everyday this week and didn't find much of anything. On Monday, I found a shelf for Robbie and a hop on ball for Ryker. I only found three things to sell: a toy box, playskool mailbox and a musical bunny.

Yesterday, I found a vintage train case and an apple slicer.

and today I found 4 Zodiac glass framed pictures. If they don't sell, I will keep 3 of them as I am an Aries, my husband is Scorpio and Robbie and Ryker are Sagittarius.

Not sure if I will go out again tomorrow. All these things are listed in my store on Ebay.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Table Art and Other Finds

When I saw this table at the thrift store, I thought that looks like the style of painting by Peit Mondrian. I needed a new kitchen table and this one was small enough to fit in my cramped space. When I went to pay for it, the cashier said "You should be able to repaint that." What? and destroy a master piece. Granted, Piet himself didn't paint this table but if you look underneath, you will see this label.

I want to get some vintage wooden folding chairs because my current ones look ridiculous. But then again, what exactly would match this unique piece of art?

A few weeks ago, Van from Thrift Core blogged about making shelves from old board games. You can read her post here. I picked up a couple of games to do this with. (sorry and scrabble)

The Scrabble for Juniors had 2 boards.

The Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories is in bad shape but I couldn't resist getting it. Check out these sweet graphics.

If anyone local (northern WI) is selling wooden folding chairs, please send me an email

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thrifty Thursday Finds

The thrift store is having 50% off the entire store today through Saturday. I'm kind of bummed because my Paypal balance is at ZERO! and I had to use my checking account for today's buys. I'm sure I could have got more deals but Ryker refused to stay by me and we ended up leaving earlier than I had planned. Hopefully, I can go back tomorrow.

Here's what I found.

I have been eyeing that Fisher Price record player for some time now and I was surprised it was still there this morning. It even works.

The blue car is for Ryker and I'm keeping the ice cream scope. I was going to give the Doctor kit to Ryker too but he said he already had one. It is listed on Ebay.

I have sold two of these vintage crocheted pillows within days of listing them (one on Etsy and one on Ebay) I hope this one sells as fast.

The Johnson & Johnson rattles are pretty good sellers. I have sold both of these in the past as well.

Someone out there has got to love this beer logo cup right? It's funny to me that Pabst Blue Ribbon was chosen as America's most popular brand of beer. Probably true in the 70's, not so much today.

Some vintage toys

I went back this afternoon with Robbie and I'll show you what I found another day. If you are interested in buying any of these items, email me ( or check out my Ebay store here.