Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Business Sale/Estate Sale

There is a local flower shop/green house that went out of business a few months ago. They auctioned off most of their stuff and are taking offers on whatever didn't sell. My sister and I decided to check it out. There was also an abandoned house with stuff inside. When we got there, the doors were open but we didn't see anyone. Basically everything inside looked like trash. I felt like we were trespassing or we were in some horror movie and about to get murdered. After about 5 minutes, a lady walked in and began telling us to look around and make offers because everything was about to be bulldozed. There were a few Christmas decorations, a lot of plastic planters, some ribbon stuff and floral decorations. Nothing I was interested in. She told us to go ahead and look in the basement. I wish I had my camera to show you the mess down there. I swear it looked like a landfill. I found a styrofoam Santa and reindeer set but decided to pass. I didn't really need it.

Next, we explored the house. It looked like it hadn't been lived in for years. There was no electricity so some rooms were slightly dark. Probably a good thing because who knows how many creepy crawlers were inside.  I found a box of knick knacks but only bought one thing: a family of skunks

Aren't they cute? The had fur on their tails and head but it was dirty and coming off so I removed it. Since it was so dark in the house, I did not notice momma skunk and one baby skunk had been broken and glued back together. I was hoping to sell them on Ebay but now I won't. I'm only out a buck. My sister found a vintage type writer.

Later in the day, I bought some more Lia Sophia. I swear, I'm going to go broke if I don't start selling this stuff.

I also picked up this end table for $10 off of Facebook.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Sale

On Friday, we went to a church sale. It was pretty big but since I had Ryker and Robbie with me, I didn't get to look much. I did find a few things for resale and for Ryker.


Water Table I thought this was a good idea but when Ryker came back in the house drenched, I realized my mistake. Paid $5

Changing color Triangle clock. I got two of these and am trying to sell one on Facebook. Was in a bag with Mr Incredible action figure paid .25

I also found Good Night Moon for .25


Mr Incredible He talks

Teacher's Pet Cloth toddler Book

Fill and Spill Fish

Baby Einstein Teether

I also bought a crib mobile off Facebook and have already sold it for $29.99

and of course I bought some more Lia Sophia. I'm getting three more pieces tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picnic Table

I have been looking all summer for a Little Tikes picnic table for Ryker. Today, I found one at Goodwill. I almost knocked the worker down trying to get it before someone else did. and the best part, it was only $5.99 plus tax.

I also got him a climber off Facebook on Monday but this one cost a little bit more.

I'm In Love With Lia Sophia

I've been finding a lot of Lia Sophia jewelry for sale on my Facebook group. I haven't done much research but I figure if I can get some pieces between $6 - $8, I should be able to double my money. Some pieces may get me more. Here are some pieces I bought.

Some of the pieces still have the paper tag and the gold/silver chain in the first collage came in the box. I don't think the heart necklace with the key hole is Lia Sophia. I have to check into that.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Lia Sophia

Most of the Lia Sophia jewelry found on my Facebook page is a little too pricey for reselling but I did manage to find two more pieces. I got these from the same seller I bought the Day Dreamer necklace from. (which already sold)

Greek Isle Slide Pendant

Reversible Pendant on Chain

black oynx

Mother of Pearl

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facebook Finds

The last few days, there has been some good money makers posted on my facebook yard sale group.

Lia Sophia Necklace

Ikea children's rug

Cinderella Play Set

Care Bear Night Light

Xhiliration Curtains

Skull shoes

Snoopy bed set Missing the pillow case but she messaged me this morning saying she found it. I just got to get it.

I am picking up the following items tonight.

Pottery Barn Quilt and bumpers

A Thomas Train Costume for Ryker

Converse Shoes I don't think this seller is going to show up. She has ignored my messages so we will see.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

VTG Christmas Pom Pom Tree

I have been searching the thrifts and Goodwill for a vintage pom pom tree with no luck. I read how Sir Thrift A Lot scored a cheap one on Ebay so I decided to try my luck. The first one I bid on started at .99 cents. The seller had a crappy title so his item wasn't appearing in search results for Christmas tree. I believed it read Sparkler Pom Pom Tree. With one day left to go, he cancelled my bid and ended his listing. He relisted it at auction with a reserve price. Two days into that auction, he ended the listing and relisted it as a BIN of $125 plus $12.70 shipping. He now has changed his price to $150 with free shipping. I hope karma pays him a visit for cancelling my bid and his tree never sells.

Disappointed, I kept searching Ebay and came across another cheap auction. This was her picture and here is her title and description:

Pom Pom Brand new in all original packaging 25 branch 3 ft tall tree

Brand new in the original box with the branches still in the original paper tubes

Her photo

Is it any wonder she only got my bid of $24.99? With shipping, I paid a total of $36.16. It arrived today in the mail. Here are my pictures.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Facebook Finds

I really need to stay off Facebook. All the money I made from my yard sale group, I spent on there. I only found one item I am reselling and the rest is for Ryker.

Race track rug: keeping

Bunch of cars and trucks: keeping There were more but I didn't feel like digging through the toy box.

Veggie Tales Pirate Ship: selling on Ebay

Fall and Winter coat: keeping These should fit Ryker in the fall.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

One Woman's Junk...

is another woman's treasure. My husband won a huge box of craft items at auction for $4. The box contained fabric, pine cones, beans, pipe cleaners and other assorted junk.

I listed it on my Facebook yard sale site but had no interest. Last week, I was on another yard sale site and saw a post where the seller was accepting trades for craft items. I messaged her and she was willing to look at what I had. She wanted the box. And what did I get in return? Three, yes I said three, vintage baby blankets.

Aren't they the cutest?