Monday, June 30, 2014

New Business Plan

Since my sales have flat lined for the last three months, I decided to downgrade my Ebay store from the premium to the basic. I will get less listings (150 verses 500) but with all the free promotions Ebay has given out in the past year, what is the point of paying $40 more each month?

I decided to move more of my vintage items to my Etsy shop. Granted, I don't get much traffic but if I spend more time there tweaking my listings and less time worrying about why my Ebay sales are in the toilet, I may actually sell something.

I've also reopened my Addoway storefront. I got one sale there so far but since it is free to list, I have nothing to lose. I'm also going to work on selling more items on Face Book and Craigslist.

Since I only will have 150 listings to work with, unless I get more free specials, I'm going to be more selective with what I buy. All my low price items I have currently listed on Ebay, I will move to my Bonanza booth and to FB.

I hope I can save some money and make some sales. Not selling anything for almost a week has caused so much stress in my life. It shouldn't be this way. I don't know if somehow Ebay has black listed me? It's just so weird to go this long without a sale. Someone is coming over in a few minutes to look at my Harley jacket. I hope it fits her. If not, I will be relisting it with Ebay's free auction special they have until the 2nd.

How have your sales been?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

WOW I Have No Words

What you share on Face Book shows your character. Just saying Jason T Smith is not a good person

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Out Of My Comfort Zone

The majority of my Ebay store is toys, stuffed animals, baby blankets and coffee mugs. Occasionally, I will list breakables and things I don't know much about. Yesterday, I found a couple of unique items that I hope will sell since nothing else is selling. I haven't had a sale in days. 

Carved Elephant. I could only find one other listed on Ebay. I sure hope this isn't something from Pier One. I saw similar on their website but not this exact style. It even has a little drawer for your trinkets. He has a couple of cracks but seems to be sturdy.

I have always wanted a bluebird of happiness and now I have two. That is until they sell. This one is marked on the bottom Leo Ward 1988.

Everyone loves monkeys, right? I couldn't pass up this cute key/change dish.

Have you guys ever heard of Rummage? They take your Ebay listings and create a pinterest like page. You can promote your page through your blog or fb. You don't sell anything there but it will lead lookers to your store on Ebay. You can create your own by changing my id (gotothetoyboxandbeyond) with yours.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Share A Coke

Have you seen these yet? Coke bottle with your name on it. Genius marketing ploy. I found 3 of my son's names. I doubt there will be a Ryker.

Although I go by Becky or Rebecca, Becca is the only one I could find.

I also found my twin sister's name and this is how she spells it.

I couldn't find my husbands name: Bill and my second son William goes by the name Will.

The clerk at the Walgreens told me they were releasing 300 names at a time. I must have looked pretty silly trying to find my families names. It would have been cooler if the bottles were glass instead of plastic though.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday Finds

I found a few things this morning. These scissors are probably not worth much but I wanted them. (I think I'm turning into a hoarder)

I sold a rusty tackle box like this one a long time ago. I hope this one sells as fast.

This toolbox has a really odd smell inside. I noted that in my listing. Hopefully, it will air out.

I try to avoid the mug/glass aisle but something always catches my eye. Today, it was 2 Ziggy glasses. One is heavy and holds 32 oz! I listed that as a beer mug.

I also bought a desk fan because it is so terribly hot in this living room. I didn't take a picture of that though.

See anything you like? Check out my ebay store here.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hot Cocoa Machines

I read in one of my Face Book Ebay groups that some hot cocoa machines can go for big money on Ebay and even more on Amazon. I couldn't remember the brand or model but when I saw one at Goodwill on Friday, I decided to purchase it.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I remembered it was the CocoaMotion by Mr Coffee that sold well and not this Cocoa Latte by Back To Basics. Anyways, I decided to look it up on Ebay. Currently, there are 35 listed. I decided to do a google search for the directions to make sure my machine worked.

When I started typing cocoa latte in the search engine, it gave me this suggestion: cocoa latte recall. Yup, that would be my luck. The machine is recalled. There is a bushing inside the container that has the potential to leak lead. You can read about the recall here

If you have one of these machines, you are suppose to call for instruction on how to return the product for a refund. They are not open on weekends so I will be calling tomorrow. I'll let you know what the outcome is in a later post.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Furniture Find

My husband does not share my fondness of picking up used furniture. I can't say I blame him as I buy pieces with the intention of fixing them but I do not have the skill or the ambition to do so. Instead of complaining about the junk I bring home, he could be supportive and offer to help fix my treasures.

I found this bookshelf on Saturday. Since I walked over there, I wasn't able to bring it home right away. I asked Bill if he could pick it up for me Monday morning and he said he would. Of course, that never happened. Don't promise to do something if you have no intention of following through. I finally got it this afternoon after reminding him 3 times to pick it up.

I think at one time it had some doors or glass as the top shelf has grooves underneath and the bottom has them as well. The second shelf is also narrower than the top shelf. I think it would be sweet to add them back.

I found the drunk bum on Friday. The thrift store I went to, usually prices items like these high. I was surprised that he slipped pass them. He also plays music. I can't find anything like him listed on Ebay so if anyone has any information on him, let me know. He has a foil sticker on the bottom that says Fancy Doll.

If you see anything on my book shelf that you like, shoot me an email

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thrifty Finds

I didn't find anything too exciting this week. I think my best purchase was this Leapster 2 for $1.49. It doesn't have any games but Robbie is keeping it. He freaked all out when I took a picture because he thought I was going to sell it. I also got him a Barbie computer. He had a choice between a yellow and orange vtech and the Barbie and he choose the Barbie. Silly boy.

I also purchased this air cleaner for our house and this clothes rack for my Ebay stuff. Unfortunately, the rack is only good for lightweight items so I will be reselling it on Facebook.

I found a Medela In Style Double Breast pump. When I opened the bag, it had parts and the instructions for the Medela Symphony pump and I was hoping to find that one at the thrift but no such luck. I listed the additional parts separately.

Ryker walked away with Art from Monster's University. He says different phrases and Ryker has been walking around saying "I can't go back to jail"

Not sure if this will be a good seller but I sold a similar one a few years back. The work out vhs tape hasn't even been opened.

I'm still trying to figure out what school this letter is from. I'm pretty sure it is Tigerton but not 100%. It is gold and purple and the medal in the middle says Central Wisconsin Conference. 1986 is on the back.

I've always liked these dog letter holders

The t.s tends to throw random toys into bags and I found this Handy Manny workshop set. It is missing some pieces though and came with some random parts.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thrift Store Wish List Find and More

I have been wanting a vintage rolling kitchen cart for some time. I saw one on a Facebook Estate sale page but could not make it to the sale. Well, today, I found the cart at the thrift store. I was talking to the cashier and she said they received a huge estate and were putting out the large items today and would finish the rest on Thursday. I plan on going back tomorrow in case they put more stuff out because there were other items I wanted from that estate.

I have the cake plate listed on Ebay.

I also found a Harley Davidson racing jacket. Looks like I need to retake the photo. I haven't listed it yet because I do not know if it is a man's or woman's. It fits me but I'm a little chubby.

and of course, some plush:

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