Saturday, September 17, 2016

Church Sale Finds

Today and tomorrow is one of the biggest church sales in our city. I found a few things for resale and some things for myself. The sale was definitely huge but the crowd made it overwhelming. It was annoying trying to walk down aisles when people were pushing strollers and misbehaving children were running all over the place.

I was hoping to find some Pyrex. I don't know if it was sold before I got there or there wasn't much donated. They had two woodland casserole dishes but I didn't get them. I did find The Cookie jar though.

There wasn't a huge selection of blankets but I was able to find 2 vintage ones. I also found 2 Snuffles. The pink record holder was bought at an estate sale.

How cool is this Ziggy phone? Im a little irritated because you can't make a phone call unless you smash down the buttons and hear them beep. I wish they had taped does not work properly on it when they donated it. I probably would have passed and bought the Coke cup phone instead.

We went to two estate sales afterwards. At one I found the pink record holder above and a 25" Henry dog.

At the second estate sale, I found a Lite Brite. It's from the 90's and has a plug.

I convinced my sister to go to a thrift store. She doesn't like this one because it smells bad. I swear someone peed in the back room. It was pretty bad. However, I like this store because if you ask, they sometimes will take an offer. I bought this dresser to use as a tv stand. I told them I didn't want the mirror. (which I found out later was a huge mistake) It is stamped Kroeher.

The spot on the photo is from my camera. The dresser is in pretty good shape. Of course my hubby doesn't like it but that's too bad. I really can't return it and no one in town would pay what it's worth.